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Posted on: 30-Apr-2018

Popular lakes in Nepal

Nepal, renowned as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha: The light of Asia; is a small land lock sovereign Himalayan state in South Asia. The nation flaunt...

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Posted on: 12-Feb-2018

Maha Shivaratri: Holy Night of Shiva (2022 updated)

Mahashivaratri, "One of the greatest and holiest nights of the Shiva," is the most sacred and significant event in the Hindu's spiritual calendar. Shi...

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Religious places of Nepal
Posted on: 14-Jan-2018

Religious places of Nepal

With more than thousand years of history, Nepal is a sovereign nation that has a population of 28 million individual Nepalese citizen who belong to di...

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Poon Hill Snap
Posted on: 05-Jan-2018

Off Season Travel in Nepal

The beauty of Nepal in terms of touristic appeal and charm is incomparable and unmatched. You can travel all around the world, but Nepal's sheer diver...

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island peak
Posted on: 05-Dec-2017

A guide to Everest Base Camp Trek and Island peak climbing

Nepal is a nation famous for being a tourist-friendly travel destination that has been a go-to place for many travelers and trekkers from all around t...

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Posted on: 29-Nov-2017

Five Things to Consider Before Traveling to Nepal

Traveling to Nepal can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be! Trust me, Nepal is an easy-going place that doesn’t require you to over...

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Best Travel Camera
Posted on: 27-Nov-2017

How to Choose the Best Travel Camera?

Choosing the best camera for traveling can be a daunting task if you really want to make sure that you click some great photos that can awe-inspire yo...

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Posted on: 15-Nov-2017

What is the difference between ‘Peak and Mountain’?

The amount of thrilling excitement which one gets upon accomplishing a major feat is indescribable. People, no matter where they come from, aspire to...

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Heli tour in nepal
Posted on: 05-Nov-2017

Reasons to go on a Heli Tour in Nepal

Regardless, or perhaps because of its unadorned variance from the widely popular high-altitude teahouse treks of the Everest and Annapurna regions, He...

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Posted on: 18-Oct-2017

Is Vaccination Necessary for Traveling in Nepal?

Traveling is a fun thing to do. Everybody loves doing it. After all, who doesn’t want to spend some of their traveling in the vast wilderness of...

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exchange money in Nepal
Posted on: 15-Oct-2017

Which is The Best Way to Exchange Money in Nepal?

Nepal is such a wonderful country that you will eventually find yourself longing to visit it. You like others may want to go on your dream vacation in...

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Posted on: 12-Oct-2017

Best Treks for Beginners

Nepal has so much to offer yet the Himalayas remain one of the most alluring factors which attract thousands of foreign tourists from all across the g...

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langtang nepal
Posted on: 10-Oct-2017

Photography Advice for Trekking in Nepal

Wrapped up in mystique, Nepal is a country full of incredible natural and cultural diversity. Home to the birthplace of Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhi...

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Heli tour in nepal
Posted on: 25-Sep-2017

Why Should You Go on Our Everest Heli Tour?

There is no other Himalayan mountain much greater and popular than – Mt. Everest. Standing at a high altitude of 8,848 meters above sea level, M...

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Posted on: 24-Sep-2017

Dashain: A Perfect Reason to Visit Nepal

If there’s one reason to visit Nepal,  then that reason would be – Dashain. Referred to as the biggest annual festival of Nepal, Dash...

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Travel In Nepal
Posted on: 22-Sep-2017

Reasons to travel in Nepal

No matter where you go or what you do, traveling will always be hardwired in our DNAs.  For me personally, traveling is something that truly can...

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Posted on: 28-Aug-2017

Things to do in Kathmandu

Even a rookie traveler will agree that Nepal is a beautiful country to travel to. And its capital city is even more fascinating. Located in the centra...

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Posted on: 22-Aug-2017

Safety of Kathmandu to Lukla Flight

Planning to go for a trek inside the Khumbu region & see the glorious view of Mt. Everest. Then, you surely must have heard about the infamous Luk...

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Posted on: 30-Jul-2017

A Quick Guide to “Panch Pokhari”

“Panch Pokhari; a place where cultural and ecological aspects of Nepalese beliefs can be potently explored and discovered.” Certain place...

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Posted on: 13-Jul-2017

How Trekking Adventures Teaches You To Be More Happier?

What is your happiest moment of your life? I guess it must be related to your travel/trekking memories with your loved ones. Yes, it is true that we b...

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lower dolpo trek
Posted on: 30-Jun-2017

How is Like Monsoon and Post Monsoon Season in Nepal?

Nepal is witnessing a monsoon season now. These days, the Himalayan country is drenched in rain causing landslides, floods in different regions, and t...

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