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10 Reasons to Go For Trekking in Nepal Now

  • 09-Jan-2017
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There is no doubt that Nepal is the best value-for-money destination. Many travelers visit this beautiful country to see the Himalayas, explore local culture, tradition and feel adventure around the foothills of the Himalayas. We (Icicles Adventure) have already posted numerous posts that you might not have read about Nepal trekking adventures. But after going through this article, we hope you will plan for Nepal trekking holidays sooner rather than later!

1. Not just walking but exploring different trekking routes


Enjoy staying at different lodges every day walking along the mountainous trails with ascending, descends. Have healthy meals three times a day served at local tea houses, lodges, and restaurants along the route. Meet with local people; get to know their point of view on life. Enjoy capturing the best views of snow-capped Himalayas and landscapes. Overall, it won’t be just walking; it will be more than worth it.

2. Walkthrough huge gorges, deserts, stone-paved staircases, and forests


It will be more exciting fun-filled walking through trekking routes of Nepal. It mostly consists of initially following the river bank crossing tributaries several times on suspension bridge. Then ascending through densely forested trails, rhododendron, and pine trees. After reaching the top of the ridge, again descending and continuing these phenomena until we reach our desired destination of the trek.

3. Shopping in Nepal: Pashmina, trekking gears, handicrafts, tea, thanks, and paintings  


Nepal exports varieties of clothing, textiles, thankas, paintings, tea, and handicrafts that can be one of the best things to buy in Nepal as souvenirs. You can also get any type of trekking gear, equipment, jackets, and clothing here in Kathmandu, Nepal. From cheap use and throw materials to original durable ones, there are varieties of things to buy in Nepal. We recommend you to buy the goods that are locally produced in Nepal which will eventually makes a positive effect on the local economy.

4. Delicious Food



Trekking in Nepal also a great way to taste varieties of meals and dishes. From various international delicacies to taste in Kathmandu and major cities along with each culture having its own traditional dish makes Nepal one of the most diverse countries in terms of culinary travel experience too.

5. Celebrate exciting festivals, jatras, and ceremonies


New Year is usually celebrated two times a year, and most of the local communities have their own special new year's day. So, you can imagine, the celebrations in Nepal. From Christmas to Dashain, Tihar, Holi, from Ed to Lhosar, Shiva Ratri, Tiji, and Indra Jatra, festivities are endless. Your one of the main reason to visit Nepal might be not only observing but participating in these festivals and jatras.

6. Mountain flight, rafting, paragliding, and other adventures


After getting there on your feet (i.e. after trekking), you can also take an aerial view of the panoramic snow capped in the Himalayas by joining in a scenic mountain flight from Kathmandu.  Also, there are plenty of adventurous activities to see, do and perform from white water rafting on beautiful rivers to gliding like a bird (paragliding) and jumping off from a suspension bridge (bungee). Therefore, there are so many things that will make you skip your heartbeat.

7. Best possible sunrise and sunset views over the Himalayas


Nagarkot nearby Kathmandu, Kalapathher and Gokyo ri at Everest region, Sarangkot, Poonhill at Annapurna are the most popular sunrise and sunset viewpoints in Nepal. After getting up early before sunrise and hike or drive up to a hill, the views are simply awesome when the warm rays of the sun slowly arise from the horizon.

8. After trekking, don’t miss out Chitwan Jungle Safari


One of the best things to do after trekking and rejuvenate ourselves is to join Chitwan Jungle Safari for a couple of days and feel nature nearby. Elephant breeding center, elephant bath, cannoning, safari, and cultural programs are highlights of staying a night or two at Chitwan.

9. Explore the diversified culture, people, and religion


Nepal Treks allows you to see diversity in religion, culture, caste, and lifestyle. After visiting a Buddhist monastery, walking a couple of steps ahead you will find a Hindu temple and in further few steps, you will find a church. You will meet some of the most interesting friendly people, welcoming you with their open hearts.

10.There is something special for everyone


It is a myth that trekking in Nepal is only for fit individuals. The fact is several trekking trips are short, easy, and can be done by any individual regarding fitness issues. From challenging, to moderate and easy, treks in Nepal are divided into various difficulty levels based on altitude and the number of days involved.

So, are you visiting Nepal? Plan with us at Icicles here.

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