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Where is Mount Everest?

  • 10-Nov-2016
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Everyone knows that Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world but many people may not know where exactly it is. Mt. Everest, one of the seven natural wonders of the world is the main attraction for climbers and adventure lovers from all around the world. This masterpiece of nature is situated in the Mahalangur mountain range in a small but beautiful country Nepal.

Mt. Everest, which is 8,848.86 meters (29,031.69 ft) above sea level, is located on the border between Tibet and Nepal in the Himalayan Mountains of Asia that coordinates 27°59′17″N 86°55′31″E. This highest peak from the sea level was formed by the movement of the Indian tectonic plate pushing up and against the Euro Asian plate. Mt. Everest is known as ‘Sagarmatha’ in Nepal which means ‘Mother of the Universe. It is called by the name ‘Chomolungma’ by Tibetans which means ‘Goddess Mother of the World’. Mt.Everest, the main attraction for the tourists visiting Nepal is the pride of Nepal and the image of it is also included in Nepalese currency. Climbing Everest and reaching the highest point in the world is an arduous task and still considered a matter of pride.


There was a long-running dispute between Nepal and China over the height of Mt. Everest before the two countries came to an agreement in 2010 settling the height as 8,848 meters. China had said that the peak is at 8,844 meters not including the meters of snow at the very top but Nepal said 8,848 meters. Whatever, the dispute has been settled. The more interesting thing is that the height of Mt. Everest is growing every year. In 1994, the research team discovered that the mountain continues to grow approximately 4 millimeters every year. The reason is that the continental plates are still moving which is pushing the mountain even higher.


Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal were the first to reach the summit on May 29, 1953. Junko Tabei from Japan was the first woman to reach the summit. Apa Sherpa as well as Phurba Tashi Sherpa holds the record for the highest number of times to reach the summit. Both had reached the summit 21 times. Lhakpa Sherpa holds the record for most ascents by a woman (7 times). There are various records already made and broken regarding Everest climbing and various will be made and broken in the future. Many mountaineers and climbers have lost their lives in an attempt to conquer Mt. Everest. Since the mountain is between Nepal and Tibet, it can be climbed either from the Nepalese side (the southeast ridge) or from the Tibetan side (the north ridge). Many climbers prefer to climb from the Nepalese side because it is considered easier for mountaineering and also because of political reasons.

Not climbing up to the summit but reaching the base camp also attracts many trekkers from all around the world. Everest Base Camp trekking is one of the popular treks in the world and has become the achievable goal for people from all walks of life. Many hiking lovers and adventure seekers from all across the globe enter Nepal and trek in the Himalayas to witness a glimpse of the world’s highest peak.

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