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Useful Tips for Solo Trekkers

  • 13-Jan-2017
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With so many tips tipping around the internet. Kindly go through these tips if you are planning to take off for solo treks in Nepal.

Don’t be nervous

Trekking solo might be quite intimidating even for frequent adventurer. The first and best tip for any solo trekker would be don’t get nervous and boost yourself with so much confidence that you can go anywhere and do anything. Being confused and nervous will take you nowhere. You must have your destination however! And when accompanied by professional trekking guide, you will travel solo but never alone without worrying about anything.

Be like Local

When you walk down the streets, routes, or trails dress, act, eat and try to be like local people. You need to know what to wear, what you will be eating, and do proper research before going at a new region. If you are visiting monastery, temple or any local attraction, ask your trekking guide about do’s and don’ts.  Always ask before taking a photograph. Respect the local culture, traditions and religious values. When you be like local, participate in local festivals you will enjoy your trip more and make it worthwhile experience.

Don’t get drunk

Getting drunk uncontrollably would be the last thing you would do while trekking solo. Not only it will dehydrate your body and make you more prone to altitude sickness, it also put you in unwanted situation. I am not telling that don’t celebrate. After the completion of trip, you can always drink responsibly and celebrate the success with trip organizing team.

Enjoy exploring new place

Immerse yourself truly in the new place. Enjoy walking across the hills, breathe fresh air, capture beautiful views of landscapes, meet new people, interact with them, get to know their lifestyle and don’t get afraid to try new things. Tick all your checklist without any regrets and discover yourself while exploring the new place.

Embrace the positivity

If you are solo trekker, you might be facing lots of negativity around. People may say you are loner, you don’t have friends, and even people close to you might not recommend you to go solo. But you need to convert all these negativity into positivity to do something that you wanted to do. You have to believe in yourself and make it happen with trekking guide from local trekking company. It is the smartest and best way to see the world around.

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