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Should I Go For Trekking Solo in Nepal?

  • 02-Nov-2016
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Why trekking solo can give you the best travel experience ever?

Most of us love to go for trekking adventures, but we hesitate to go solo. So we even cancel our travel plans. Joining solo adventures seems awkward or some sort of hesitation comes in between. In general, it may be due to social surroundings that don’t know what to do with people who do their job in their own way. As a result, we are either pressurized or denied to travel solo, and always stay at home. It happens mostly to girls. Trekking in Nepal is fun, exciting, and challenging both ways, either with group or solo. We can’t say which travel style is better, but what we can say is that trekking solo in Nepal can also be a great experience.

Either it is multiple days’ high altitude adventures, short and easy treks at a lower elevation, or simply a day tour; if you are fit and have some time that you want to invest in traveling then trekking solo is the way to go. Trekking solo doesn’t mean that you are traveling alone, loner, sad, moody, or selfish, it actually means you are confident and independent accompanied by an experienced local trekking guide, porter. It is a smarter way of trekking in Nepal too. Therefore, here are a few reasons why:

1. You are your own boss, you have the complete control

Trekking solo gives you the choice to take you every travel decision. Like where you are going, what you want to do there, what is your passion. For example, if you are a passionate photographer then you would love to stay overnight at Annapurna Base Camp for a couple of days and take that perfect star trail or astrophotographs of stars and the Himalayas. You don’t have to follow any group and skip your passion. You can see whatever you like for as long as you want, eat whatever you like, travel in your preferred transportation, and feel complete freedom. There are many decisions to make while trekking in Nepal, and while trekking solo with a local trekking company, you will be making the right decision, fully taken care of and the trip becomes once in a lifetime of adventures.

Top Tip:  Even though you have complete control, listen to a pro trekking guide from a local company. He knows the trails, nature, and culture best. Tell him your plan, style, what to see, where to stay and what to eat; he/she will make it happen.

2. You can make the most out of your leisure time

Have you just completed your college exams? , on a leave from work? long holidays ahead and don’t know what to do, where to go? Then it is the best time to utilize your few savings and visit Nepal. Feel free to travel solo with a reputed trekking company. It is not necessarily important to find a trekking partner, travel solo, and explore the sites either you know or don’t know.

Top Tip: Plan your solo trekking with a reputed local trekking company. They will help you with everything, before, during, and after the trek. Trek solo but not alone.

3. Exploring nature and culture becomes easy while trekking solo

When you have no one else to follow, then you can chat with locals as long as you want. If you just visited the monastery and want to know more about Buddhism, its rituals, and culture then you are free to spend more time. Be the part of the festival that you just saw. Spend a few nights more at the place you liked most. All in all, explore the best of nature and culture easily without any interference from anyone.

Top Tip: Stay at a local home or hostel. There are locally owned lodges, homestay services from standard to luxury available at popular trekking regions of Nepal.

4. You will be proud of yourself

After trekking solo in Nepal and took up all the challenges put in front of you, you will be the best version of yourself. You will feel accomplished, proud and when you relive those memories it will be a worthwhile experience.

Therefore, consult local trekking companies, pick the safe trek, and suits best for your fitness, time, and interest. Happy solo trekking in Nepal.

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