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Which is The Best Way to Exchange Money in Nepal?

exchange money in Nepal
  • 15-Oct-2017
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Nepal is such a wonderful country that you will eventually find yourself longing to visit it. You like others may want to go on your dream vacation in which you can simply have fun and create long-lasting memories without ensuing many problems. After all, there are only a few places that can match up with the magnificence of Nepal which has the world’s highest mountain in it. If you head north, you can find the icy cold Himalayas and if you head down south, you will the lowland plains of Terai where exotic wildlife and vegetation thrive vibrantly.

Reaching Nepal is not difficult at all. Simply get your passport and visa ready and you get to go. However, have you considered how to exchange your money in Nepal? What truly is the best way to exchange in Nepal with ease. Without getting the right monetary good like cash, you won’t be able to do much in Nepal. So, to help you understand and evaluate some of the best ways to exchange money in Nepal, we are now going to discuss some important aspects down below. So, do keep reading.

Carry Cash

If you really want to avoid any sort of problem while purchasing any goods or buying any trip packages then simply carry cash. Trust me, Nepalese love cash and there will be very less complications if you were to carry legitimate cash with you during your stay in Nepal. To do so, you can just go around looking for some money exchange offices in Thamel or simply ask your hotel to exchange them. However, you can also go to a bank and get your currency exchanged.

ATM Cards

After cash, your next best option will be to use ATM Cards. Currently, there are many ATMs available in major city areas of Nepal. You can easily withdraw cash from the ATMs in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. However, these ATMs can charge you an extra fee. Hence, we suggest you withdrawing all the needed money at once as frequent withdraws can charge you a lot more.

Credit Cards

Similarly, to ATM Cards, travelers can also use their Credit Cards in Nepal. While planning your trip to Nepal, you can easily book your flights and tour cost by using your Credit Cards. Most of the tour operators and hotels in Kathmandu accept Credit Cards. So, you can just bring your Credit Cards with you during your travel to Nepal.

Traveler Checks

Though, many have forgotten about Travelers Checks in recent times due to various other forms of exchange available in Nepal. Nevertheless, traveler checks can be used for exchanging currencies in Nepal. Many of the banks in Nepal still accept traveler checks. So, do keep in mind to bring your traveler check if you want to visit Nepal as it can be pretty helpful if your Credit Cards or ATM Cards get lost or stop working.

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