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Dashain: A Perfect Reason to Visit Nepal

  • 24-Sep-2017
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If there’s one reason to visit Nepal,  then that reason would be – Dashain. Referred to as the biggest annual festival of Nepal, Dashain is celebrated in honor of Goddess Durga slaying evil spirits and demons. Not just for Nepalese people but also for foreigners, Dashain is a typical sense is an auspicious occasion to celebrate and join in the joyous festivity with your loved ones. Each and every aspect of Dashain is overwhelmingly hearted captivating and exciting. Because Dashain is celebrated to acknowledge and recognize the victory of good over evil.

You can ask any Nepali living in or outside Nepal, what is the most anticipated festival of Nepal? And with a smirk on their face, they will simply answer “Dashain” without a minute of hesitation. As a proud Nepali, I understand the meaning and importance of our cultural and historical roots. So, when we mark our calendars for Dashain, we let ourselves know that a blissful festive moment is about to arrive with the beginning of Dashain in Nepal. So, if you ever struggle to decide if you should visit Nepal or not then simply search about Dashain. I am sure you will change your mind once you find out how good the Dashain festival actually is in terms of tourism.

One thing about Dashain that you should keep in mind is that it is not a one-day festival. As it is celebrated for at least 10 days usually by the people. However, there are some days that are more significant than other days. Among which is the tenth day of Dashain during which people come home to meet up with all their family members for “Tika” – the blessing of water and then rice. The eldest of the family puts Tika on the forehead and then a Jamara (barley shoots) either on your hair or behind your ears. Lastly, you are offered a small gift which can be anything. This is carried out by initially beginning with the youngest (children) of the family to the eldest (grandparents).

Dashain falls on the month of September which is also a peak touristic season. Hence, if you have planned your travel to Nepal in September this year for trekking or other adventure activities then don’t forget to observe this hearty festivity of Nepalese during your stay in Nepal. Furthermore, you get to experience a different side of Nepalese which you won’t get to see in any other months. Because there’s no festival more popular and admired than Dashain in Nepal. So, to sum up, my blog, I just want to tell all the travelers and explorers who love traveling that Nepal is a beautiful country to visit but if you visit Nepal during Dashain, there will be a lot more to appreciate and relish.

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