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Five Things to Consider Before Traveling to Nepal

  • 29-Nov-2017
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Traveling to Nepal can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be! Trust me, Nepal is an easy-going place that doesn’t require you to overthink your travel plans. But many first-time travelers may have a tough time managing things around due to their lack of preparation. So today I will be explaining some 5 key things which you must consider before traveling to Nepal. If you keep these things in your mind, then you just sit back and enjoy the ride as you will more relaxed and content with how things happen in Nepal.

Make reservations in advance


Yes, Nepal has been a favorite travel destination for travelers from around the world since 1950’s. So, you don’t have to worry about things like hotels where you will spend your nights while staying inside Kathmandu city. And why Kathmandu city? Well, it is the capital city of Nepal and there is only one international airport in Nepal which is also located here. So, you will eventually find yourself in lively streets of Kathmandu once you decide to visit Nepal.

Once you reach here, you will need to find a place to stay which can be anything. From simple, budget hotels to more luxurious, expensive 5-star hotels, everything is available for travelers wanting to stay in for the night. The quality of services will also differ. However, if you plan on visiting Nepal during the peak season of Autumn and Spring, then you can have some difficulties booking a hotel room after landing in Kathmandu. It’s not that, you will not a find a hotel with rooms available for guests like you. But if you were to book and make reservations in advance, you will surely be more stress-free as you won’t have to spend you precious time searching around for places to stay.

Pack Light


I have personally gone through this as many travelers normally overpack their luggage while traveling to places where they have never been too. I do understand that some people a face anxiety issues over what to bring and what not to bring. But I caution everyone who thinks overpacking will not hamper their trip in Nepal at all. You have to keep in mind that, carrying a heavy pack of luggage on your back or your hand will get burdensome once you reach in Nepal.

You will only feel like carrying those goods that will actually do you some good later in your travel days. After all, who would want to feel the pain of carrying something so heavy that simply won’t be used (that much). And what I mean by that is, if you really think about it, electronic goods except a camera and your smartphone won’t be much needed while going a trek to Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Base Camp. Other items like bulky laptops, unnecessary clothes and too many of one thing are not welcomed for those who are trying to go on some long, challenging treks. So, do pack light!

Don’t only visit popular sites


Sure, you might think, I want to do something different and make this trip a more unique adventure than the others. But you will go and visit places that are popular in terms of its touristic appeal. Popular places are popular for a reason, so you do have to visit them and find out why these places are popular in the first place.

Visiting popular sites won’t be enough for some as they might have more time on their hands to go out and explore Nepal. Therefore, I highly recommend that you should highly consider exploring places that are more robust and less popular as there are many places around Kathmandu and in Nepal that are not very popular but do manage to give you a glimpse of diverse our country actually is. If I were to recommend then I would suggest visiting Gokyo Lakes, Upper Dolpo, Manaslu region and Khopra Danda. Of course, there many other places but for now I would say that exploring these places will do you good and help you elevate your over all trekking experience.

Check Visa & Passport requirements


Your Visa and Passports are the two most important things if you plan on traveling anywhere outside your native country. Without these two things, you will simply be denied of entering Nepal. Many countries require you to do so and even Nepal has some very strict regulations that make sure that anyone without a legitimate passport and visa is held out from getting an entry into the nation. Therefore, travelers must always check their Visa & Passport before making any major plans to visit Nepal. You can search online about the requirements needed to get a decent Visa and see if you have a passport with 6 months still left before its expiry date. And if you are willing to do that, then you can rest assure that getting into Nepal will be a piece of cake.

Buy a Travel Insurance


Last but not the least, buying a Travel Insurance is a major task which needs to be done before coming to Nepal. If you are not aware, then let me clarify what a travel insurance and what it does for you while traveling in Nepal.

A travel insurance is a type of insurance which you can buy from a legitimate, legal travel insurance provider to help you in some life-threatening or displeasing situations. Theft, robbery, accidents and many more things can happen to you unknowingly. These things normally happen out of nowhere and you will have very less time to plan your next move after such incidents. Hence, if you have travel insurance and say that you were trekking in Nepal then it can help you cover Helicopter evacuation fees if you need to transported to a hospital in cities like Kathmandu. Or if you lose/damage your expensive belongings like camera or laptops, then if you have a travel insurance that covers those loses then you will have no hard time getting compensated for those items.

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