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How Trekking Adventures Teaches You To Be More Happier?

  • 13-Jul-2017
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What is your happiest moment of your life? I guess it must be related to your travel/trekking memories with your loved ones. Yes, it is true that we become happier while traveling than doing any other things in life. But the issue here is that we cannot always travel like we love to do. We have our own responsibilities and families. You won’t be able to carry your backpack and disappear for month long tours dropping everything else back.  And you must be searching for things that make you give the same feeling of happiness when you have completed your trip and going back to regular routine activities.

In this article, I have mentioned five common practices that trekking adventures have taught me and I have applied in my life which might be helpful for you if you also want to feel the same:

Always be thankful to everything and everyone:

Whenever I am trekking around Himalayan routes, even if something unpleasant happens then I try to take it in a positive way and if that’s because of my mistake then I will try not to repeat it again. It is possible that your head might feel altitude while ascending too fast or sprinting at high elevation, but if that happens then I won’t repeat it again by putting my life into risk of altitude sickness. Instead I would walk gradually, drinking plenty of water and not go further up if health condition worsens. Your trekking guide plays a major role in these kind of situations so it is highly recommended that you plan your holidays with local guides from local agencies.

Help other travelers whenever possible:

Once, while trekking around foothills of Himalayas, I had seen one foreigner talking with lodge owner and pressure was clearly seen in his face. When I came to know the matter of concern, he was actually looking for contact number of another lodge that he was going to stay in next day. And coincidently it was the only and same lodge that I had stayed yesterday and I had got a visiting card. He was very thankful to me. And that time I felt helping others make you feel happy. Remembering those moments make you happier even after that kind of incidents.

Wonderful opportunity to meet new people from another part of the world:

Meeting someone from another part of the world, and getting to know their culture tradition and make friendly friend is my best moment of trekking. I also love talking with people at teahouses. It might feel weird at first, but it is the best way to know each other and share the story or simply play a game of cards etc. You might miss these moments while you are at home, so what you can do is try to meet new people at your hometown and social apps has made more easy to make new friends.

Bring your happiness and self care a priority:

How can you be happy person when you do according to what others say. First thing is that make yourself priority and always do that you wanted to do. Go for treks, tours when you wish to go, enjoy your life, but at the same time take a good care of yourself with making a daily routine, make a time for yourself, meditate, read books, meet new people, eat good food. It helps you being happy while you are on and even after your trekking adventures.

Plan your next trip:

It is always a great thing to plan what to do next. It gives you motivation to save money while also you will feel grateful for planning in advance. It should not always be long tours, you can plan small tours, treks, adventure with your near and dear ones. And also planning nothing can lead to nothing.

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