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Safety of Kathmandu to Lukla Flight

  • 22-Aug-2017
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Planning to go for a trek inside the Khumbu region & see the glorious view of Mt. Everest. Then, you surely must have heard about the infamous Lukla Airport. Being the only available airport in the Everest region, trekkers rely on the Kathmandu to Lukla flight as their fastest means to enter here. And when your most dependable flight is listed as “the world’s most dangerous airport” in Google, there’s too much to worry about. Nevertheless, I am here to assure you that a flight to Lukla is not as horrifying as it sounds.

There's always a consistent difference of opinion when it comes to Lukla Airport. And it will always be there. So, no matter what we do some things can’t be denied. Like the geographical location of Lukla Airport which lies at a high altitude of 2,860 meters / 9,383 ft. above sea level. Due to this, unrelenting weather conditions engulf and occupy the large portions of Lukla town. Not to mention the fact that there is an alarming short runaway and poor safety records. This furthermore adds to the already sensitive situation and intensifies the risks.

When we keep these things in our mind. We easily presume that the flight to Lukla is going to be a hell of a ride in itself. You make yourself occupied with seemingly unnecessary thoughts. You might even search for Lukla on Google and find out that there has been quite a lot of deadly accidents. This will surely traumatize you a bit. But hey! You must also consider that thousands of tourists visit the Khumbu region by taking this exact flight to Lukla. And it all happens without many complications.

Both airports in Kathmandu & Lukla calculate all the imminent dangers of the flight. They take the weather, time, and route of the flight into account. Trained air officials do their best to keep your flight away from dangerous situations daily. If they see problems and concerns regarding your flight, rest assure as they will not move on with it. Your flight will surely get postponed for the next day. In some sense, this might bother you. But you have to understand that nothing is more important than your life. So, be prepared for the frequent flight delays from the start.

Either it is your flight to Lukla or from Lukla, your flight will only take off if everything checks outright. Lastly, to conclude my blog, I just have to say that don’t think about the risks involving in your flight. Simply, enjoy the flight as you hurdle down the runway and launch into the sky. Watch the glittering snowcapped mountains and scenery below. If you do that, then the flight won’t be as nerve-wracking as you might have thought. Just try it out!

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