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  • Trekking in Nepal During Spring Season

    Posted On : February 26, 2017

    There are basically two peak season for trekking in Nepal, one is during autumn between months of September to November and other one is during spring between months of March to May. In this post we are going to discuss about highlights of trekking in Nepal during spring season. While trekking in Nepal, spring season brings the colors into life of vegetation making the whole trekking ex [....] Read More

  • Nepal Travel Videos

    5 Youtube Videos That Inspires to Visit Nepal

    Posted On : February 21, 2017

    We need inspiration for everything. For studying, playing and same thing applies for traveling too. I can't even imagine doing anything without inspiration. In this blog, i would like to share with you few of the travel and specifically trekking related videos that i found on youtube very inspiring.   30 Days in Nepal This video is from No Routes Found youtube channel. Three friends [....] Read More

  • Good Reasons to Always Hire a Local Guide

    Posted On : February 14, 2017

    One thing to consider while planning your trip is that-a really professional and certified better guide can make difference to how you get perspective of certain place. Its not like something completely new that we have never heard of, but I would like to emphasis on the word better. Poor guides will not only make a place seem dull or impenetrable, he or she can actually negatively influence th [....] Read More

  • kathmandu crowds

    7 Things to Expect While Visiting Nepal

    Posted On : February 6, 2017

    Nepal is popular hotspot for adventure lovers, trekkers and travelers. Most of the travelers say that ‘visit Nepal during the best seasons of autumn and spring’ while others prefer to avoid crowd on the popular trails by joining in on off seasons. Regardless any time of the year, Nepal hosts amazing variety of treks with cultural and topographical diversity that you can see so much more in [....] Read More

  • Explore Nepalese Cultural Diversity on Walking Trips | It’s More Than a Gift

    Posted On : January 29, 2017

    We feel privileged to organize various walking, hiking trips around foothills of Nepal Himalayas. And our trip experts specialize in this field with more than a decade. In this sense, we have got wonderful opportunity to learn different experiences on cultural, ethnic and traditional dynamics that exists in Nepalese society. In any our trips, we learned that it is important to explore, learn a [....] Read More

  • Tips for Solo Trekkers

    Useful Tips for Solo Trekkers

    Posted On : January 13, 2017

    With so many tips tipping around the internet. Kindly go through these tips if you are planning to take off for solo treks in Nepal. Don’t be nervous Trekking solo might be quite intimidating even for frequent adventurer. The first and best tip for any solo trekker would be don’t get nervous and boost yourself with so much confidence that you can go anywhere and do anything. Being confus [....] Read More

  • Annapurna base camp trek

    10 Reasons to Go For Trekking in Nepal Now

    Posted On : January 9, 2017

    There is no doubt that Nepal is best value for money destination. Many travelers visit this beautiful country to see the Himalayas, explore local culture, tradition and feel adventure around foothills of Himalayas. We (Icicles Adventure) have already posted numerous posts that you might not have read about trekking in Nepal. But after going through this article, we hope you will plan for trekking [....] Read More

  • christmas trekking

    Experience Magical Rhododendron Trees in Full Bloom This Spring Season

    Posted On : January 9, 2017

    Capture amazing walk across the beautifully blooming rhododendron trees at Everest, Annapurna and Langtang region in Nepal. Plan for trekking in Nepal during this upcoming spring season of March, April and May. Spring time is also known as the peak season for trekking, peak climbing and mountaineering in Nepal. Along with giant colorful rhododendron trees, other floral blossoms that makes y [....] Read More

  • mera peak first summiter for 2017

    Congratulations to Mr. Ali El Olabi for being first Mera Peak sumitter in 2017

    Posted On : January 4, 2017

    Jordanese citizen, Mr. Ali El Olabi was successful being the first climber to summit Mera Peak in 2017.  He reached the Mera peak summit (6419m) at on January 1st at 8 am Nepal time. By summitting the challenging peak with first sunrise of 2017, he made his New Year a very special New Year! Mr. Kipa Shera, an expert climbing guide from Icicles Adventure Treks & Tours was with Mr. Olabi [....] Read More

  • Nepal best viewpoints

    Best Viewpoints of Nepal

    Posted On : January 4, 2017

    “The best view comes after the hardest climb.” Reaching to the viewpoint and getting to witness the exceptional beauty of Mother Nature after trekking high passes is like getting prize after hard work. You feel euphoric as you reach to the amazing viewpoint and the natural beauty gets you caught up in rapture. Nepal, a mountainous country is a home to 8 of the 14 highest mountains in the worl [....] Read More

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