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How to Prepare for the Everest Base Camp Trek

How to Prepare for the Everest Base Camp Trek
  • 19-Mar-2022
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From Luka, the starting point of the Everest Trekking to the base of Everest of distance, there are some kilometers to be covered on feet in the Sagarmatha National Park, which shows you the hidden gems of the beautiful scenery of mountains that make you say WOW in this multi-day classic trek. Since the place is in the wilderness at the highest elevation in the solitude, the adventure has already begun in your life prior to reaching the Everest region, but before you finally move to Nepal, you need to do homework on your strong desirable Everest Base Camp Trek in your country. This is the reason why Icicle Adventure Tours and Treks focuses on well planning before heading to the most sought mountain base destination in the world. Very well, it knows, you are heading to the area which houses the world’s highest mountain and which bounds to challenge your walking spirit at an altitude of 4500 m even with its experienced Everest trekking guide who pushes you up every bit whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trekker to achieve your Everest goal.

So, what are the areas of focus that Icicles Adventure concentrates on? They are given below for you to build up your confidence to head 5000 m plus altitude straight from the itinerary. Of all the stunning mountains and the world’s famous trekking trail, the first and foremost requirement is you have to be mentally and physically superfit.

But what kind of physical fitness or training is a question that Icicles Adventure Tours and Treks should put to its clients before they head out to the base of Everest. This question comes to it after they have confirmed the Everest Base Camp Trekking. Generally, Icicles Adventure Tours and Treks tell them to do the following activities both on its website and in emails because it has got personal experience walking at an altitude of 4000 m plus in the Everest region both as a solo trekker or a group of travelers.

Also, from Icicles Adventure,  get the following tips to stay at the forefront on the trekking trail of the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Be Prepared for Change

Mountain weather changes quickly because the hot air and cold air mix up to form a dense fog. Although Icicles Adventure plans according to forecasting, the mountain weather is unpredictable sometimes. So, you need to know what to do in such a situation. You have to learn to accept this before you decide to walk in the Everest region. Do not worry if the weather changes quickly and easily because our trekking guide knows how to take appropriate action. At the same time, our guide loves you to have the mindset that will level up and change according to the weather.

Buffer Days

Everest Base Camp Trek can be completed in 14 days from Nepal with arrival and departure days. To this, Icicles Adventure kindly requests its customers to add 2 buffer days. Because what will happen to your fixed 14 days vacation if your flight to Lukla is canceled due to bad weather? Most of the time, everything happens right on the time from Kathmandu as well as Lukla, but it is always wiser to be on the safe side. In this way, your Everest Base Camp  Trekking can be enjoyable and unforgettable in Nepal.

Extra Expenses Coverage

You never know what can happen in Lukla due to bad weather, so you need to carry expenses in order to pay for hotel accommodation in Lukla and Kathmandu, as well as lunch and dinner. The extra expense will benefit you because you can minimize the impact of bad weather on your journey in the Everest region. If you don’t carry it, then your trip will be disturbed. The extra expense that you have carried will cover hotel accommodation and meals in Nepal.

Carry a Weighted Backpack (15 kg for 30 Days for 30 mins)

This will improve your walking on the trekking trail and make your body muscular to increase stamina in your future Everest Trek. Simply, you will stay fit and active, which will benefit your body and mind at a high level. You know that you have to keep all your essentials in the backpack, the most popular handy bag during trekking. Walking with these essentials increases your endurance power. With the backpack, you can twist, turn, and bend on the trekking trail. It will be good if your backpack has padded straps. Always carry your backpack close to your back, and please do not overload it during the Everest Trekking.

Correct Physical Training for the Everest Base Camp Trek

Before you go for this, you have to warm up your body by walking for 15 minutes because walking increases your body temperature, which will help muscles absorb oxygen. You might also know why walking is good for your heart. Whether you walk on the steps or outside your home, it is the best exercise that you can do for your heart. How many minutes should you walk to achieve your goal confidently and perfectly in the Everest region? At least, aim to walk for 40 minutes in your country, or you can either go swimming or biking, which will increase your muscle strength and flexibility. You can walk for 30 days. The more you do it, the more benefit it will be for you (45 days). When you walk every day for the Everest Base Camp Trek, your energy level goes up. In other words, you are overall increasing the fitness of your health, including the strength of your legs, as well as improving the pump rate performance of your heart.

In outdoor walking, you must intend to walk in an uneven area. This will help you easily face the challenges of uphill and downhill trails in the Everest region. Icicle Adventure Tours and Treks believes that your greatest journey to Everest begins only when you take out time from your schedule in your homeland.

Go for Hiking and Cardiovascular Exercise for your Heart

At least, you should do this once a week near your city. Walk on foot trails or nature trails, or bike trails which are probably walking best-hiking destinations to enjoy difficulty and distance. This is a great workout in making your muscle stronger for the preparation of the Everest Base Camp Trekking. Why do you have to do this kind of workout? We generally ask this question because walking steep trekking trails in the Everest region can be mental and physical challenges to you, but when you top out the elevation, you are rewarded with the stunning view of the mountains. Since you are already prepared, Icicle Adventure Tours and Treks wants you to be prepared to walk on icy trekking trails too.

In Cardiovascular exercise, do anything for 30 minutes that will make you sweat. Because when you are in the Everest region, you will gain an elevation of 400 m every day. Whatever walking challenges come in between from one point of walking to another, the following cardiovascular exercises will help you a lot.

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

Respect Towards the Sherpa Culture

Do not be close-minded while trekking in the Everest region. Be a learner of the Sherpa traditions and culture; be a thrill seeker; look for the amusement in your mountain vacation. Ask a question to them only if you are genuinely interested in their culture. Because some questions you asked may be odd or unusual to them. Be polite as you do so, and do not compel them. Also, do not pre-judge them and appreciate the differences that exist between your culture and theirs. In this way, your trekking can never go wrong.

If you follow the above tips effectively, then Icicles Adventure is 100% sure, the more you train your body and mind for the Everest Base Camp Trek, the more prepared you are to succeed.

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