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Choosing comfort accommodation plays a vital role in a successful Everest Base Camp Trek

Luxury teahouses for Everest Base Camp Trek
  • 20-Jul-2022
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Everest Base Camp trek is one of the famous trekking routes everyone dreams of reaching the base of the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest. However, when it comes to trekking, everyone wonders about the comfortable accommodation facilities. Suddenly, people want ample rest and comfort after long hours of up and down hills during the day. And more importantly, comfortable accommodation helps minimize the risk, promotes good health, and ultimately helps to accomplish the Everest Base Camp trek. Comfortable accommodation ensures proper rest and sleep, hygienic and healthy diets, warmth and support in a chilly environment, sanitary and attached bathroom facilities, minimizes the risk of Altitude sickness and illness, strengthens physical and mental health, and rejuvenates the body for trekking the next day.

Does the most challenging and thrilling trekking route have comfortable accommodation facilities and services? Can the trekkers spend restful nights at such a high altitude after walking several hours daily? Yes, regardless of such a high elevation, one can get the best comfort facilities in the mountain.

There are comfortable hotels, luxury lodges, and the best teahouses for accommodation in the mountain. Hotel Everest View (one of the highest hotels in the world), Yeti Mountain Home lodges, and several other luxury lodges (Lukla, Phakding, Monjo, Namche, Thame, and Kongde) provide deluxe facilities. They provide hygienic and variety of food options. Similarly, the rooms are spacious with comfortable beds, en suite bathrooms, heated rooms, thermos, electric blankets, etc. Unfortunately, there are no luxury lodges beyond Dingboche, 4410m/14,470ft, and we'll have to stay at tea houses offering the best facilities. The tea houses in those areas beyond the Dingboche provide the best available facilities essential for the trekkers.

Hence, choosing comfortable accommodation is crucial to making the Everest Base Camp trek successful. It is recommended to stay in luxury hotels and lodges and never compromise when it comes to comfortable accommodation. Luxury and comfortable accommodation ensures good trekkers' health and provides services that facilitate making the trek a successful journey. Here are some reasons why choosing comfort accommodation helps in making the Everest Base Camp trek successful:

Food is healthy and hygenic

I guess none wants to compromise in terms of food and diet. All in all, food is like a god in the remote Himalayas. Comfort lodges and hotels are best in providing better and healthy food options than tea houses. After walking several hours a day, the body lacks energy and nutrients. So, comfort accommodation provides adequate and hygienic food that replenishes the body's energy.

Nutrition plays a significant role in nourishment and recharging the body with tremendous energy in the long-vigorous trek. Moreover, food provides immunity to the body against infection, and a balanced diet reduces the risk of illness and acute mountain sickness.

More importantly, nobody wants to abort the trek after consuming unclean, contaminated, or poorly processed foods. Therefore, one should choose the food carefully, and meat, excessive sugary, and alcoholic products should not be consumed. Consequently, it would be best if you were very cautious while selecting the food as it determines the success of the trek. In all this matter, comfortable lodges and hotels ensure better food provision for a successful hike.

Comfort accommodation lodges and hotels provide hygienic and healthy food compared to tea houses. The food storage and preparation are comparatively clean and more beneficial than the teahouses. The health of trekkers is taken into prime consideration while preparing the food. They play a significant role in the availability of a variety of foods at such a high altitude with the hygienic and safe delivery through porters, mules, yaks, and helicopters. In addition, they provide various meals and cuisines, including Nepali, Indian, Chinese, and continental, healthily prepared by an experienced cook.

Most trekkers love the typical Nepali Dal bhat that energies the body for several hours; there is a famed Nepali saying, "Dal bhat power 24 hours". Many locals even got employment in local lodges that ensure the comfort of the trekker attempting to reach base camp.

I guess nobody wants to fall sick in those remote Himalayas and has to cancel the plan of reaching the Everest base camp. Hence, one should choose the comfort lodges and hotels that are far better than teahouses in terms of quality and healthy food services.

So, food is the most significant factor for the successful Everest Base camp. And for this, comfortable lodges and hotels are only the choices that ensure adequate and healthy foods for trekkers compared to tea houses.

Provision of warmth

Luxury and comfort lodges are warmer than traditional teahouses. The nights are usually chiller in the Khumbu region as the temperature falls, and warmth is essential for the body. You can keep your body warmer in luxury accommodation. The body and sleep function regulation is disturbed without proper warmth, increasing the chances of infections, colds, and sickness. So, you should keep your body warmer to overcome all these problems and accomplish the mission to reach the Everest Base Camp.

The infrastructure of the comfort lodges is well-built in such a way that it ensures a warmer environment. Moreover, the comfort lodges ensure the rooms are warmer, airtight windows and doors, checks against air leaks, adequate blankets, and proper heating mechanism (in most cases). Many comfort lodges provide hot water bags and electric blankets. There is a spacious, warm living room for relaxing and communicating with other trekkers equipped with a pot-bellied stove fueled through Yak dungs and woods.

While in the case of tea houses, the rooms are usually chiller, with problems of air leakage through windows, cold radiating walls, and scarcity of adequate thick blankets in crowded season. 

Hence, your body should be kept warmer for optimum health and proper body function. For this, comfort lodges are the best place for accommodation, ensuring proper warmth that is vital for a successful Everest base camp trek.

Sound and comfort sleep

Choosing comfortable accommodation ensures sound and peaceful sleep that facilitates a successful Everest Base Camp trek. Proper rest and sleep are essential bodily functions and other crucial factors for the trek's success. Our body demands sound and healthy sleep at night after several hours of walking during the day.

Who does not want to sleep peacefully after several hours of trekking uphill and downhill? Yes, everyone does.

During sleep, our body and mind recharge, repair wear and tear of tissues, remove stress and refresh the body and mind. Therefore, the trekker with insufficient sleep cannot concentrate and make decisions appropriately. In addition, the probability of being sick increases. Ultimately, the trekker cannot accomplish the mission to reach the Everest Base Camp.

Comfort lodges ensure proper sleep and rest facilities in comparison to tea houses. Therefore, factors that determine healthy sleep, such as the availability of a comfortable bed, clean bed sheets, soft pillow, thick and warm blankets, warmer room, air leakage-proof windows, private rooms, quiet environment, etc., are better ensured in the comfort and luxury lodges.

In contrast, tea houses provide basic facilities that do not promote sound and healthy sleep. Hence, one should not compromise on choosing comfortable accommodation for the successful Everest Base Camp trek.

Better bathroom facilities

Having clean and hygienic bathrooms during the Everest Base Camp is equally essential. A poorly maintained and filthy bathroom can cause several diseases and deteriorates our health. And, nobody wants to fall sick at such a high altitude.

We can find hygienic and clean bathroom facilities in luxury lodges and hotels. Several lodges and hotels even provide the attached bathroom that is well maintained, clean, and odorless. Most lodges have western-style toilets with toilet papers in most cases. In addition, there is a provision of hot and cold water facilities. They even provide hot shower facilities in demand.

In contrast, the tea houses provide basic toilet facilities on sharing basis. In some cases, the toilets are built far from the house with squat style or pit-hole type, which are often dirty and smelly. Moreover, there is no provision for toilet paper as well.

Hence, one should choose luxury lodges and hotels as they provide better and cleaner bathroom facilities than teahouses.

Unlimited drinks and soups are available

Luxury accommodation provides unlimited drinks for the trekkers or if they demand. For healthy body function, we should take warm and nutritious fluids from time to time. Warm liquids and soups help in hydrating the body and fulfilling the appetite. Usually, fluids help to prevent colds and flu and minimize the risk of Altitude sickness. Hence, drinks and soups are essential during the trek to maintain fluid concentration in the body.

For the comfort of trekkers, different soups and drinks are available in luxury lodges. They have a variety of soup ingredients added with local herbs that are tasty, healthy, and nutritious, provide warmth, and boost immunity. Some famous fluids and soups available at luxury lodges are hot lemon, fruit juices, hot juices, milk, mushroom soup, garlic soup, lentil soup, vegetable soup, pumpkin soup, potato soup, tomato soup, and local soup- Sherpa stew. Several other fruits and local drinks are also available. They are the best cure for acute mountain sickness and boost immunity. Notably, one should not drink alcoholic and caffeine-rich beverages during the trek.

In the case of teahouses, trekkers should compromise on the soups and drinks. However, there is a facility for hot drinking water. Getting just an ordinary soup or fluids is even more difficult in the most crowded season. Hence, choosing luxury and comfortable accommodation ensures the availability of sufficient and healthy soups, including local soups.

Promote good health

Luxury lodges and hotels help promote the good health of trekkers in all matters compared to tea houses. Overall, one of the prime factors of a trekker is health which determines the success of the trek. Hence, comfortable accommodation is the only way to ensure trekkers' good health.

The comfortable accommodation environment is sound and peaceful. It ensures that the trekkers get sufficient time and a warm atmosphere to rest and heal the pain of the journey. Moreover, it helps energize the soul, boost confidence, and promote mental and psychological well-being.

In contrast, tea houses are mostly crowded and do not ensure to promote good health. So trekkers usually feel a lack of satisfaction and support while staying in those teahouses. Sometimes they are easily demotivated due to a lack of self-confidence and boosting factors. However, the case is different in comfortable accommodation. There is the presence of some energetic souls and local people that share their experiences and story of their Everest base camp trek success and even summiting Mt. Everest peak that boosts your inner soul for your trek.

Hence, we should choose luxury lodges and hotels which are perfect for promoting our physical, mental, social, and psychological health compared to teahouses.

Avoid the risk of acute mountain sickness and musculoskeletal disorders

Tea houses are usually congested and crowded in the peak seasons with trekkers. Those houses provide basic facilities and just spaces to sleep on sharing basis. However, they don't ensure the proper safety and health factor of the trekkers.

After several hours of walking uphill and downhill, our body demands adequate rest and recovery time. The poor accommodation facilities and services won't be able to meet the good rest and recovery level of trekkers. Good comfort services help minimize the risk of illness and acute mountain sickness. Uncomfortable beds and sleep can cause musculoskeletal disorders like low back, knee, and hip pain, muscle and ligaments strains, and common injuries due to uncomfortable sleep positions.

Hence, choosing comfort accommodation ensures comfortable services that prevent the risks of musculoskeletal disorder and sickness, including acute mountain sickness. Furthermore, for elderly and child trekkers, comfortable and luxury accommodation is vital.

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