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Why Trek to Everest Base Camp in 2022?

Why Trek to Everest Base Camp in 2022
  • 05-Mar-2022
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Don't you think it's time to put on your shoes and pack up the bags to trek the Everest base camp, which is the land of real-life time adventure? Well, tourism is back with the greater smack of bounce back in 2022! Bye-bye to the dull old days of covid!

Trekking to Everest base camp in 2022 can be the best option to re-explore the world, abandoning the virtual world's life within a corner of a room towards the nature's open field encircled with the majestic Himalayas, sherpa people, boundless flora, and fauna with the challenging and enticing routes.

Travel is more complicating as of now than before. Borders seem to reopen after a long time. A once-simple visa on entry to the airport is replaced with piles of paperwork (Covid reports). And the whole world is even not sure when a new variant will make headlines. So start your journey as early as possible!

Everything we will serve the same as before. Still, there are some essential things you must consider before trekking to Everest base camp in 2022, is don't forget to follow the traveling guidelines and new laws imposed by the Nepal government.

The most significant reasons why to trek to Everest Base camp in 2022 are:

Everest base camp is one of the world's largest mountain basecamp residing at an elevation of 5,364 meters (17,598 ft).

Well, guess if I start to speak to you about the reasons to trek to Everest base camp in 2022, pages will run out, but here are some of the main points:


1. Reconnect with nature:  

As the world gets hit by the covid resulting in the imposed of the curfew or lockdown worldwide, sedentary behavior of human beings has increased, which has badly affected our mental and physical health showing various illnesses. As a report shows, an average person has spent more than 6 hours a day with the gadgets (mobile, laptop, etc.) in lockdown times. As humans being a part of nature, it's crucial that we spend more time with nature than with gadgets.


After such a lethargic lifestyle, don't you think it's time to reconnect with nature again? Well, of course, yes, this is one of the crucial reasons you should trek to Everest base camp in 2022. As the journey towards the Everest base camp is pervading with the following: 

  • Vegetation riched nature which improves your vitality, moods, and energy
  •  Compassing infinite Greener space of the open field, you're less likely to be depressed.
  • Absorb the sunlight while trekking in the trails, which is good for your physical and mental being
  • Walking for about 4,5 hours a day in traditional routes is one of the great ways to recover our physical conditioning backed by the covid.
  •  Real-life communication with local people and their lifestyles apart from the virtual world

So, this is why trekking to Everest base camp in 2022 is a great way to reconnect with nature after the sedentary lifestyle.


2. Low cases of covid in Nepal: 

As per the recent data, the cases of covid have been decreased from 1000 lines to below 100, which shows that traveling to Nepal in 2022 is best considerable and safe in this pandemic time. In contrast, other big countries like the USA, Britain, and European states are still facing the high rise of covid cases.


So, trekking to Everest base camp in 2022 is highly recommendable, which gives you not only the adventure and fascinating journey instead fewer chances of facing covid, which ensures your health and safety. So, trek fearlessly and explore more.


3. Timely and easy access to Covid- tests(RT-PCR test): 

After completing your Everest base camp journey, you will return to your home country, departing Nepal. Before you board the flight, you must do a COVID-19 viral test not more than one day before your flight date; you must show your negative result to the airline.

Well, don't worry about that, as you can get easy and timely access to the several government-approved laboratories for your frequent Covid test. You can quickly get your RT-PCR result after 4-6 hours.


4. Cost advantages: 

Among the many sectors severely affected due to the covid in Nepal, tourism, and hospitality industries have been hit hard. According to the data, hotels' price per room per day in the summer of 2020 was 16 percent lower than the previous year. However, this massive decline in price cut has remained almost the same in 2022 (slight rise have seen but not rise as before), which has played a significant role in raising the demand and reviving the tourism economy.


So, for every accommodation and flight facility you use while you trek to Everest base camp in 2022, there is a high possibility that you might get the best discount offers and the least price of everything. This is because Nepal's tourism wants to 

resuscitate its growth by adopting such measures.


5. Low crowds: 

According to the Hotel tech report published on Jan 26th, 2022 records," Global revenue for the travel and tourism is estimated to be decreased by 34.7% and also says that tourism spending is not likely to return until 2024".


Whether it's a peak or offseason, the crowds for tourism in Nepal for the year 2022 are expected to be lower than before the pandemic, so if you are planning to trek the Everest base camp in 2022, the trails will be less crowded, where you can enjoy a peaceful environment with fewer disputes and problems even in the peak season. Furthermore, there will be easy and high access to accommodation and flight services( Lukla flights) due to the less demand.


6. Factor of tourism growth: 

As there's a famous quote," arrival of one tourist gives employment opportunity for almost 11 people." The pace of growth for tourism has slowed due to covid in the past two years, which has badly affected the people's economic condition. If you are trekking to Everest base camp in 2022, remind yourself that you are a reviving factor in developing Nepal's tourism industry and a helping hand for a small class worker to a high-level business person. 


Every rupee you spend while trekking to Everest base camp in 2022 will be hope and great assistance towards Nepal's economy.


7. Maintenance and preservation inside the Everest region: 

The communities of Everest have been using the past pandemic time to clean up and upgrade the trekking routes of the Everest region. Previous visitors' complaints have been addressed, such as the poor state of trails, trash management, lack of signage, damaged bridges, and all of this has been maintained in a better way than before. The women's group in Khumjung has used the lockdown time to clean their surroundings and established a waste management system. 


The most significant advantage you can grab while trekking to Everest base camp in 2022 is well-maintenance and preservation of the environment inside the Everest region.


8. Visa on Arrival: 

According to the Immigration Department of Nepal, foreign travelers to Nepal can obtain visas on arrival if the applicants have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccines minimum of 14 days in advance.


This is another benefit you can grab trekking to Everest base camp in 2022 as it lets you obtain your travel permit upon landing in Nepal, an easy process for you that saves from the hassles of never-ending paperwork and standing in long queues.


9. Best destination after the monotonous days of covid

One of the globetrotter experts at Expedia said," I think 2022 will be the year of going big and having those bucket-list moments. Don't you believe trekking to Everest base camp in 2022 can be one of the best adventurous and enticing bucket lists to break after the dull old days of covid?. As the journey passes through the lushing forest full of flora and fauna, local sherpa settlements, 360 majestic and panoramic views of the lofty Himalayas, eye-gleaming view of the Gokyo lakes, outstanding sherpa hospitality, the delicious traditional foods, and many more.



There's no contradicting that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our worlds, from normal to new normal travel. So trekking to Everest base camp in 2022 can be the best proposal for you to again get back on the road trips full of the adrenaline rush, and when you're behind the wheels, you will feel free, liberated, and more alive than before. And one important thing, don't fear the precautions and guidelines for trekking in Everest. Every sector involved there strictly follows the safety and health measures of the covid imposed by the government.


We Icicles Adventure team will always be there for you to devote our service to make your Everest base camp trip one of the most remarkable in 2022. If you have any doubts, suspicion, or queries, let us know in the comment section below.


So, what's holding you back from trekking to Everest base camp 2022? When nature offers you such a fairy tale dreaming real place!


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