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Nepal Female Guide

  • 15-Jul-2021
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Nepal is one of the bucket list destinations for traveling for both males and female travelers. Although mountains, religious shrines, archeological and historical places, cultural hubs do not see the gender, either male or female tour/trekking guides can lead the groups. Guides only need to be familiar with them and able to handle the groups. 

Nepal does not own a long history concerning female tour and trekking leaders. The concept was begun during the 1990s; however, the proportion of female guides has been increasing increasingly since the day.

As the number of female travel enthusiasts inclining on the planet, the urge for female guides has also increased promptly. Unfortunately, although the demand is high, the availability of female guides (especially trekking guides) is minimal.

We, Icicles Adventure Treks and Tours have been promoting female trekking guides from our beginning journey. It has upheld dozens of female tour/trekking guides from their beginning. We have taken it as a step to make Nepalese women empowered. 

Still, there is a wrong concept that it will be helpful after donating cash directly. People assume that getting money from different NGOs, INGOs, and other institutions and offering hand cash is a help. But it is a concise and unstained action. Offering them sustained work, trained them, and building skills are far better than that short term helps. 

So, Icicles Adventure is generating ways to empower women by creating opportunities that allow for a voice for Nepalese women. Now, Nepalese youngster ladies have a safe place to say, “I want more.” We have been opening our doors to enter tourism in each and every capacity they feel fit to handle.

In 2015, we hired our first female trekking leader, and the number is increasing each year. We also look thoroughly at empowering them here, offering satisfactory remuneration to help support their family and healthcare, etc. We believe that the females of Icicles Adventure are leading the way into a new era in Nepal.

Female Trekking Guides in Nepal 

Trekking is no longer remained the adventure limited to only men. With an increasing voice for equity, equality, and independence, the trekking destinations of Nepal also can attract a substantial number of trekking enthusiasts from all around the world.

Through the increasing number of female adventurers, their requirements, and their complaints about some problematic circumstances they had to encounter, everyone realized the urge of female trekking leaders. 

Now the lady trekking leaders have been leading more than a few groups in the accustomed itineraries and the high passes, circuit treks, and base camps of the tallest peaks, making them enjoy the fullest. They have already proved that they are no less courageous than any male leader. 

Along with their familiarities with the highlands, lakes, trekking routes, religious spots, cultures, traditions, ethnicity, hospitality, they are also fluent in English and some other languages that will ensure that there will not be any language barrier while trekking. But, unfortunately, the language obstacle can ruin all the fun during your trekking adventure.  

Female Tour Guides in Nepal 

In recent years, the number of female tour guides has been increased rapidly. In Nepal, around two million travelers land every year, and almost half of them choose a tour. (Either city tour, religious tour, food tour, culture tour, heritage site tour, jungle safari or day hiking)

More than two thousand travel agencies exist throughout the nation, and most have separate female tour guides. Female leaders are primarily provided to female travelers, female solo travelers, or family travelers. However, it doesn’t mean that male leaders will not be offered to female travelers. Rendering to the circumstances and particular demands, we provide female leaders.  

To be a tour guide, one needs at least Bachelor’s degree in any discipline and 70 days’ special training from the government authorized institution. So they are well educated as well trained, and you will have a plethora of knowledge regarding the history, culture, religions, iconography, archeology, flora, fauna, wildlife, geography, temples, heritage sites, and more in a single tour. 

However, the number of female guides is significant; they drop this profession due to several personal and family problems. They still need co-operation to be independent, self-sufficient and build the confidence to make their own decisions. 

Why Female Guides for Nepal Travel? 

Several reasons are behind why one should choose a female guide for a Nepal tour or trekking. Some of the top reasons are below mentioned.  

Safety and Security Notwithstanding that Nepal is one of the world’s safest countries for traveling, it is always good to travel with a guide. Your female guide takes extra care of you and always concern about your safety and security. If you feel sick, an emergency occurred, suffered from elevation problems, your guide knows better what to do immediately. 

In need, you will even be rescued and shifted to the hospitals with the help of guides, trekking agencies, rescue companies, and the respective insurance company. Next, all of our guides (both males and females) are trained with first-aid treatment. They have one-to-one first aid boxes and can use properly. It can save someone’s life. 

Follow the Itineraries 

Traveling alone in a novice area is like ‘throwing a stone in the ocean’ that may or may not kill the fish. Especially in trekking, there might be a plethora of confusing trails. In case you are trekking solo, you might miss the way that may lead to the next destination. As there are dozens of trekking options in the same section, potentially get confused the routes. 

The guide navigates you to the appropriate trekking routes, takes you to the most popular viewpoints, essential places to visit, and chooses the best available accommodating place. Thus, it is always advisable to travel with a leader. 

Familiar with Nature and Culture 

Guides have theoretical knowledge and practical field visit understandings that will help you achieve more ideas concerning history, culture, and religions. They are well educated, trained, and updated to discuss local, national, and even international issues. Visiting any shrines, you will be informed vis-à-vis the corresponding places, their importance, why they are famous, and what sorts of lifestyle people live. 

More friendly 

Not all, in most cases, female guides are assumed to be more friendly, helpful, and kind than males. They understand your problems far better than the males. By doing so, your journey will be even more accessible and comfortable. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that male guides do not have those qualities. 

Means of communication

Yes! Guides are a bridge between locals and you. If you want to explore local people, their traditions, and cultures through interaction, they work as a medium. In case some misunderstanding occurs while interacting between you and locals, they help as a mediator. 

Why hire Female guides with Icicles? 

Icicles Adventure Treks is a lady leaded company working in the tourism industry for more than a decade. Mrs. Indira Bhatta is a passionate lady tourism entrepreneur and carries a vision to promote females into the tourism industry from her initial career.

As a professional & experienced tour guide/trip planner, she works with clients. She sometimes found when there will be a solo female traveler or group of female travelers or a family group, they would feel comfortable with a female guide.

All the ladies guides in Icicles Adventure Treks are government license holders. They have academic (as they are well trained) and real-world knowledge of the field (as they have guided more than a few groups in diverse parts). They will update you concerning the history, culture, tradition, festivals, costumes, way of living, archeological importance, flora, and fauna all through your way. 

In trekking, trekking guides have even more responsibilities. Guides do not only pilot the paths but take you to the best-accommodated place, make you aware of riskier areas, teach regulations while entering particular places such as monasteries, temples, chortens, etc.

All in all, every female guide of Icicles Adventure Treks is obliging, complaisant, kind, fluent in language proficiency, dedicated to the tourism business, and responsible to their liabilities. In addition, all the team members of this agency are guided by our own organizational rules and regulations by keeping client gratification at the epicenter.

So, if you are traveling solo (female), with a spouse, or with family members, and wondering for a female guide for your tour/trekking for your safety and convenience, let us arrange female guides as per your wish. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire guides from Icicles Adventure Treks and Tours. 


Icicles Adventure trek offers female guides understanding every nitty-gritty of female holidaymakers, solo (female) itinerants, and family travelers. All of our guides are trained, knowledgeable, responsible, helpful, caring, and informative. But, they are more than just the guides; you will never feel alone. All are funny, ever-smiling, charming, having a good sense of humor. 

Safety First

Although Nepal is one of the safest countries where cases of harassment are rare, your safety while tour/trekking is our utmost concern, we follow strict guidelines to ensure the prevention of any kinds of threats as Acute Mountain Sickness, harassment, etc. 

They will ensure if your oxygen level is okay in trekking. In the landslide-prone area, crevasses, slippery trails, they will take exceptional care and guide applicably. 

No Hidden Charges

We do not charge any extra amount in the name of taxes, vats, etc. All the amount you will pay for any packages according to the price shown on the website. Once a price is fixed via email, it will never be altered in the name of secreted topics. 

Guests’ Satisfaction is Focal 

Our central goal is to make our clients contented. Therefore, every guest is personally favored to make sure their best holidays in Nepal. 

Responsible Tourism

We believe in responsible tourism that co-operates to minimize adverse social, economic, and environmental impacts. It also helps to generate more significant economic benefits for local people and enhance the corresponding communities' well-being. Doing this ensures a sustainable industry where travelers will carry on to experience the beauty Nepal has to offer.

Choice of Adventures

We offer different packages from city tours, day hiking, short treks, long treks, family treks, adventure treks, off-the-beaten treks, adventure sports, religious terms, and peak climbing adventures. By doing so, you will save time and money penetrating agencies for different experiences. 

Special Offers 

Icicles Adventure offers special discounts on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, and other significant festivals in Nepal. So book your trip during such ceremonies and get special offers. It is your time now! 

Professional Service

Last but not least, Icicles Adventure Treks and Tour is a registered trekking agency affiliated with governmental tourism organizations. 

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)
Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN)
Nepal Mountaineering Association
Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal 
Office of the Company Registrar

Note: Several female travelers choose solo trek, which is doable but not recommended. Taking a guide is stress-free, enjoyable, and more comfortable. The problems as missing the ways, fear of being harassed (which is rare), distress of unavailability of rooms in teahouses (in trekking). 

Taking a guide and porter is support Nepali families indirectly. The porter carries your load throughout the journey safely. They are just doing this to feed their families, not as a business. Hiring a female guide is to empower the entire family. 

Our Female Guides 

Pooja Giri

Tour/ Trekking Guide 

Pooja Giri, an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, curious, and energetic tour/trekking leader, has been searching for her career in tourism since 2018 after completing her Bachelor’s degree and training in tour and trekking. 

As she is always fond of visiting new places, interacting with new people, making new friends, seeking adventure hikes, exploring new destinations, tourism is her perfect choice. She has following her passion through the guiding profession.

Being crazy about the Himalayas, she has completed most of the trekking destinations of Nepalese Himalayan foothills. She has led several groups to Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Gokyo Lakes Trek, and several short treks around Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley. 

Good command over the English language, eagerness to read new books, exploring culture, history, tradition, ethnicity, and lifestyles make her even easier to dive into tourism. She can explain those aspects vividly and accurately. Most of our guests’ trek/tour with Pooja repeatedly. 

Sarnika Rajopadhyay

Trekking Guide

A passionate trekking leader of Icicles Adventure, Sarnika Rajopadhyay, was born and grown up in Kritipur Kathmandu. However, despite being born in Kathmandu valley, she is very fond of walking in the foothills of tall mountains. Following her passion, she joined Icicles in 2019 and has continuously worked as a female trekking leader. 

Her few other qualities are always smiling, quick learning abilities, eagerness to interact with new people, visiting novice destinations, etc. Leading the clients, she has already hiked Shivapuri, Phulchowki, Champadevi, Dahachowk, Lakuri Bhanjhyang, Chisapani, Chandragiri, and many others.

She has also trekked to the major trekking destinations of Nepal. With in-depth information on itineraries, culture, history, and quick decision-making ability, she will make your trekking adventure further exceptional.

Anita Ranjitkar

Trekking Guide 

Anita is another experienced trekking leader. Anita has guided several groups in the high Himalayas. As she has already visited almost every part of the nation, she has collected authentic, real-world experiences. 

Her expressing ability, sweet voice, and helpful manner, friendly, cooperative behavior make each of your holidays worth visiting. During the trek, she provides every nitty-gritty piece of accurate information pleasing her guests. 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek are some of her most trekked destinations. 

Chola B.K

Trekking Guide 

Chola B. K, another enthusiastic female trekking with years of trekking experience, joined Icicles Adventure in 2015 and has continuously been working with us. Using her expert skills as a qualified trekking guide, she has run and achieved many of our organized treks for our clients by offering qualitative services.

Suppose you’re a solo female trekker, family traveler, a group of lady travelers who wishes to go on a trek with a professionally experienced female trekking guide. In that case, Icicles Adventure will gladly provide you the backing of Chola B.K upon your wish.

Meena Karki

Trekking Guide

Born and raised in the Annapurna region of Gandaki Province, Kaski district, at the lap of Machhapuchhre Mountain, Mina had a deep passion for trekking in the mountains since her childhood. When she was raised, she followed her passion and changed it into a profession. 

As she has collected more than a decade’s experience in guiding, she has already led several groups to all the major trekking destinations of Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, and Mustang regions. 

As she has a plethora of knowledge of history, culture, religion, ethnicity, trekking routes, lifestyles, religious monuments, festivals, flora, and fauna, every trekker gets factual information from her. 

Sunaina Raut

Trekking and Tour Guide

Sunita Raut was born and raised in the periphery of Chitwan National Park, Chitwan district of southern Nepal owns more than 15 years of experience in the tourism industry as a tour and trekking guide. She was grown up exploring the Chitwan National Park, and now she is a certified tour and trekking guide. 

As a senior trekking guide, she has guided several clients and major trekking sites of Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Upper Mustang region passionately. With a good sense of humor, she would surely bring a smile to your face and turn your trip into a fun-filled journey everywhere in the Himalayas.

Bishnu Thapa

Trekking Guide

Another trekking leader with good command of English, interested in interacting with new people, eager to make new friends, Ms. Bishnu Thapa, was born in the heart of Annapurna Himalayas. 

Her dedication, determination, dream, and passion for trekking around the Himalayas inspire several fellow ladies to pursue a career in the tourism industry as a tour and trekking leader. She is excited to lead several groups from all around the world to the bases of world-class peaks. 

She chose her profession from heart, loves it a lot, guides guests well, providing authentic information. 

For more detail about our trekking leaders, please visit Our Team

Final Say 

Nepal is a never-ending destination for traveling. In this vibrant country, you can choose a day city tour for months-long trekking adventures and expeditions. Most of the trekking destinations can trek with/without guides, solo, or in a group. But hiring a guide makes your journey even secure, comfortable, more accessible, and enjoyable too. 

All in all, Icicles Adventure believes strongly in being equal employment for all people. But, unfortunately, Nepalese females did not have the opportunity to have critical roles in the tourism industry, and Icicles Adventure is working hard to change this.

It has female members in almost every section, from managers to guides and guides to porters. These ladies amaze Icicles every day with their strength, courage, and disposition as they are making mountains move with a smile on their face. 

Suppose you are a solo female traveler trekking with family members, couples, or organized female group treks. In that case, you are highly recommended to hire a female guide for your trekking that will benefit you and our female companions. This is an indirect way to empower Nepalese women towards independence, decision-making capabilities leading to a matriarchal system. 

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