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  • Lukla Airport

    Safety of Kathmandu to Lukla Flight

    Posted On : August 22, 2017

    Planning to go for a trek inside Khumbu region & see the glorious view of Mt. Everest. Then, you surely must have heard about the infamous Lukla Airport. Being the only available airport in the Everest region, trekkers rely on the Kathmandu to Lukla flight as their fastest means to enter here. And when your most dependable flight is listed as “the world’s most dangerous airport” in G [....] Read More

  • Annapurna region

    How good is Annapurna Region?

    Posted On : August 21, 2017

    There’s simply no other place like the fascinating Annapurna region when it comes to pure natural tranquility and cultural exposure. Blessed with its very own unique authenticity & reality, Annapurna region remains as a jewel inside the Himalayan nation of Nepal. Hence, it’s not surprising to hear that it draws thousands of foreign trekkers & travelers from different parts of the w [....] Read More

  • Panch Pokhari

    A Quick Guide to “Panch Pokhari”

    Posted On : July 30, 2017

    “Panch Pokhari; a place where cultural and ecological aspects of Nepalese beliefs can be potently explored and discovered.” There are certain places in earth which are beyond our imagination. To put it in simple words: if you haven’t traveled to or visited it then you will never know what it is to be there. One such place is the scintillating high altitude wetland of Panch Pokhari of [....] Read More

  • Guide and Trekkers while Annapurna trek

    Useful Tips For Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    Posted On : July 14, 2017

    Annapurna base camp trek, the name itself defines that it takes you to the base camp of Annapurna Himalayas and here are few useful tips for this ultimate adventure. Be physically and mentally well prepared: Although Annapurna base camp trek is moderate trek around foothills of Annapurna Himalayan range that does not comprises trekking through extreme altitude above 4500m, passing high altit [....] Read More

  • How Trekking Adventures Teaches You To Be More Happier?

    Posted On : July 13, 2017

    What is your happiest moment of your life? I guess it must be related to your travel/trekking memories with your loved ones. Yes, it is true that we become happier while traveling than doing any other things in life. But the issue here is that we cannot always travel like we love to do. We have our own responsibilities and families. You won’t be able to carry your backpack and disappear for [....] Read More

  • How is Like Monsoon and Post Monsoon Season in Nepal?

    Posted On : June 30, 2017

    Nepal is witnessing a monsoon season now. These days, Himalayan country is drenched in rain causing landslides, floods at different regions and these types of natural calamities are considered as common phenomenon that occurs every rainy season. As a consequence, number of incoming visitors (travelers) also goes down during this season. Despite the rainfall causing decline in number of inco [....] Read More

  • What Does “Om Mani Padme Hum” Means? : Understand Meaning Behind The Mantra

    Posted On : June 30, 2017

    “Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum”, it is continuous chant that you hear while walking on the streets of Thamel area in Kathmandu, similarly around Buddhist monasteries and stupas too. It can be said as the most popular and peaceful mantra. But have you ever tried to know what does this epic Buddhist mantra means? It is believed that this six-syllable mantra is derived from Sanskrit [....] Read More

  • Panoramic-views-while-EBC

    How To Write Your Own Nepal Trekking Stories

    Posted On : June 30, 2017

    We, Icicles adventure team have been organizing various treks, tours and adventures all over foothills of Himalayas and tried to share our travel experiences, tips, necessary piece of information on our blog. The concept of writing down the blog articles didn’t came just like that, we believed that the best way to connect with potential travelers is through articles, answering their queries [....] Read More

  • Happy International Yoga Day 2017: Yoga in Nepal

    Posted On : June 21, 2017

    On special occasion of International Yoga Day 2017, Icicles Adventure Treks would like to wish all our well wishers, a happy 3rd Yoga Day and encourage everyone to practice Yoga for healthy mind and body. Yoga in Nepal is around more than 10,000 years old mediating practice believed to be practiced by Yogis at Himalayas. According to mythological beliefs, Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha and other d [....] Read More

  • Kathmandu Thamel

    What Things To Bring and What To Buy in Nepal?

    Posted On : June 20, 2017

    Trekking gears and equipment play a vital role in either making or breaking your trip. So, always ensure you are all geared up and well prepared for walking trips in Nepal. While going through list for first time, you might be overwhelmed; however packing gears for Nepal treks is somewhat similar to packing for your touring holidays. Only few more things are there that you need to consider and [....] Read More

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