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Happy Holi - day! – Colorful Festival in Nepal

  • 10-Mar-2017
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Holi represents happiness, Holi is believed to be a celebration of victory over evil, Holi brings two different cultures together, and therefore in short we can say that Holi is the festival that blends the colors of happiness in our lives. It is more than just a festival, it is more than just any other ordinary day, it lies on Sunday this year and it is going to be a holiday, a national holiday.

Yes, holiday, basically, Holi is celebrated on full moon day of Falgun month of Nepali calendar (lies on March), and at the southern plain of Terai region, Nepali brothers and sisters over there celebrate on an upcoming day. Therefore when you get a hold and a day, boom! Holi-day! It is the major festival of Hindus, but when you see foreigners in the Thamel area celebrating with Nepali youths, playing with colors, live music, dance, party, it seems that Holi is a global festival regardless of religion, gender, and/or culture. The whole atmosphere around becomes ‘Holi-cious’ as the market is beautifully decorated with colorful flowers, devotees visit around temples and shrines. We can see a specific group of people celebrating among themselves, children playing with water pichkari, balloons running after each other.


These celebrations in current years have been followed for generations. There is even an interesting story behind the celebration of the Holi festival. According to a mythological story, an evil ruler named Hiranakashap declared himself better and stronger than any god after getting near to immortality boon from lord Brahma. But his own son Prahlad was a die-hard worshipper of Lord Vishnu. This not only irritated him, he planned to kill his own son many times, but due to the blessings of Lord Vishnu on Prahlad every time, Prahlad was saved. One day, he planned with his sister Holika, who wouldn’t be harmed by fire to sit on the burning glaze of fire with Prahlad. Again, lord Vishnu saved his most promising devotee, and instead, Holika turned into ashes. So, since then it is believed to be started the festival of Holi that represents a celebration of victory over evil. Still, at various places, a bonfire is burned at night to replicate this mythological event. However, in Nepal, a tall flag pole locally known as ‘Chir’ is erected at the world heritage site of Kathmandu Durbar Square.


Holi had some bad influences in society too, when people used to throw balloons at uninterested random people and it was terror some especially for girls to walk freely on streets. Some drink an alcoholic milkshake, sweets with ‘bhang and behave unsociably, ride bikes recklessly. But since, the government and legal department have formulated some strict rules/fines/punishment for such acts; these kinds of unsocial activities are next to nil in recent years.

This year, let’s celebrate this happening festival of Holi with fun-filled activities among our family and friends circle in an eco-friendly way. Celebrate responsibly and of course Happy Holi!

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