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Is It Possible To Trek During July & August in Nepal?

  • 20-Apr-2017
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“Experience monsoon in Nepal & you will never go to any other place in the world.”

To answer that question, I would simply say that “Trekking in Nepal” is done all year-round because of Nepal’s varied trekking routes and destinations. So yes, it is highly possible to trek in Nepal during the monsoon months of July and August without lacking any prior trekking features. In practicality, it is known that people generally hate doing outdoor activities such as trekking during the monsoon season and especially during July & August. Nonetheless, I can assure you that if you visit Nepal during July and August, you have the various option of trek routes to escape the monsoon trails which I shall be discussing with you today.

Initially speaking, if I were to prefer you a trek that can be done easily and comfortably during monsoon season in Nepal, then I would first start my list with none other than the peculiar “Upper Mustang Trek”. This is major because the Upper Mustang region of Nepal lies in the rain shadow of the Annapurna massif which nearly blocks away all the rain clouds flowing towards it during the July and August months. But I am not recommending it just for that, as Upper Mustang, in general, is really a good place to go for some trekking activity which features exotic landscapes and is away from the pollution of everyday city life.

Particularly, a trek to the Upper Mustang region of Nepal is highly favored to escape the wet trekking trails of the Annapurna region where leaches and squishy/muddy trails may create a troublesome experience for trekkers who wish to explore vast & wide during their trekking period. Nevertheless, in regions such as Upper Mustang, one can easily get away from those wearisome difficult trails which are prone to landscapes. So it might come as a straightforward choice for trekkers wanting to experience Nepal’s diverse topography and biodiversity in their trek to the Upper Mustang region. One major highlight will be “Lo Manthang” which is a place made simply to captivate the eyes of its visitors who come upon its magnificence once in a while. The trails commonly take trekkers into the Kali Gandaki gorge which is also the deepest gorge in the entire world whilst crossing several incredible high passes which can surely be a thrilling experience for any travel enthusiast.

Moving forward, the next on the list is the Dolpa region of Nepal which in terms of remoteness is comparably the farthest trekking region in Nepal. Being located in the far-western part of Nepal, the Dolpa region borders Tibet in the north so you can experience some Tibetan-influenced cultural disparity during your trek here. But be wary as high-speed wind/gust are likely to come upon during the afternoon so you can simply start early by waking up sooner than usual to get past these windy afternoon trails. Trekkers can encounter hidden caves and several Buddhist monasteries along with prayer flags here and there during their trek in the Dolpa region of Nepal.

Aside from the above-listed treks, Nepal additionally consists of other trekking destinations for trekkers wanting to experience the joy of trekking in Nepal. So you may also consider treks like “Narphu Valley Trek” and “Limi Valley Trek” which can be a worthwhile experience if you decide to choose these treks instead. Anyway, in the long run, one only wants to have a pleasurable time during their trek/vacation, so if you ever choose on coming to Nepal during July and August then you don’t have to worry too much as you can see that there are several trekking trails which can grant you long-awaited enjoyable trekking experience to explore bewildered trails and go off-grid for a while inside the natural treasures of Nepal.

With those treks, you are sure to enjoy your travel here in Nepal even when you are in the middle of the rainy months of July and August. So, if you are planning to visit Nepal during the monsoon season this year, then feel free to book any of the treks discussed above.

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