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Clothes: “A necessity for traveling”

  • 31-Mar-2017
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Surely anyone who likes traveling does know that for every different trip they make, they need a different set of travel clothes. Either it is a trip to a hot desert landscape area or a sub-tropical island of the Mediterranean, you have to pack and wear accordingly to the trip you are making. Just like that, while traveling to Nepal you have to be well prepared so that you don’t pack anything useless and make your luggage bigger which later on will not do you good as you travel across Nepal (especially if you’re trekking). So why not think beforehand and prepare a list of clothes needed for your upcoming trip. Do keep in mind that you do have to be comfortable with what you are wearing so it will be wise to pack just the right amount of things perfect for your trip ahead.

As mentioned above let me take you into the list of clothes which you should pack for your travel to Nepal:

1. Jackets

Contingent upon what time of year you'll visit Nepal, I'd certainly suggest bringing a warm Jacket, regardless of whether you'll be trekking or not. In case you're not going trekking then a standard winter coat that you may wear in your local country will do; on the off chance that you are anticipating investing some of your trip days in the mountains, or doing some climbing, I easily recommend you on buying something rather windproof so to keep you warm at high altitudes.

2. Shoes

Shoes can easily become the most important thing which you might pack for your trip vacation. More and less if you want to visit Nepal for trekking purposes then you must have very high-quality shoes on board with you. And if you don’t plan on being in the mountains then you might want to pack up a pair of level walking shoes. No heels for sure! Try keeping your feet comfortable as much as you can, because if your legs get too stressed your vacation might just not turn out the way you would like it to.

3. Scarves

You do realize that a scarf is a standout amongst the most adaptable and valuable things in your travel closet. I have changed over scarves and sarongs into shirts, dresses, wraps, skirts, and headcovers. For Nepal, particularly in the colder months, it's fundamental to have a hotter dress that you can layer. When you arrive in Kathmandu you will see yak fleece scarves; they were extremely shabby, and warm. One really was sufficiently warm to use as a wrap when I went climbing through the foothills of the Himalayas (in spring, as you may already know).

4. Pants and Jumpers

If you are a person who loves walking around in pants, then you certainly don’t need to be told that you must buy a durable pair of pants to get on through the hills and mountains. Get something that will make your travel more comfortable along the way during your trek and the one that won’t tear easily. Do make sure to get something that can be favorable to you and your trip as a whole. A warm jumper or sweater is fundamental if you'll be in Nepal, particularly in the colder months. Once more, what I suggest doing is going shopping when you arrive; put stock in me, the fleece sweaters you'll discover in the business sectors of Nepal are substantially cooler (and will mean a great deal more to you) than the one you purchase from a retail establishment back home.

5. Shirts

Better believe it, a shirt is probably one of the few items which you can wear without any particular restrictions of the place. In any case, by and by, it's incredible to have prearrangement shopping of cotton shirts (if possible both short and long sleeves) to layer. This is one thing I ordinarily tell travelers to bring with them from their homes, however, you can without much of some stretch buy shirts in Nepal too if you didn’t bring them with you.

6. Caps and Warm socks

Lastly, besides your trusty scarf, I'd suggest you pack some caps and warm socks as they can help you in many ways during your trip to Nepal. Having them can be generously useful on your trip as it provides extra support and upkeep to carry on with your trip. Try to purchase these items locally as many local markets and shops offer hand-sewed embellishments that are warm & comfy in Nepal.

Just so you know in the long run you might actually get some better ideas of extending or diminishing your packing list but the things listed above can surely be of great use if you are traveling to Nepal.

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