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How To Avoid Food Poisoning in Nepal?

  • 10-Apr-2017
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“Eat healthily & think better.”

Ah Yes! the good old nemesis of travelers; “Food Poisoning” … It might feel absurd but whenever you travel to a new country where you have never been then it comes to show you that if you eat something you have never tasted then you might get food poisoning. But this should not stop you from coming to Nepal and tasting its delicacies. So, for that purpose, I’ve written this blog post to tell you about “How to avoid food poisoning in Nepal”. Without further ado, here are a couple of tips to make the case of food poisoning seem somewhat little intense while traveling to Nepal.

Remember that sudden joy of finding a local delicacy which just by looking make your taste bud go haywire then my friend you are just like every traveler/tourist. And it can come to you as a shocker but when you are eating foods that you have never even heard of then you might want to think about getting a terrible case of Dysentery or even a gentle however humiliating case of Diarrhea. Having a light case of food poisoning after eating “Sukuti” or in English term dried Buffalo meat, salted and hung in the open entryways and getting an agitated tummy just from devouring foods that have been washed with infected water is not normally a thing to be worried in a huge sense. But what if that some case of light agitation makes your entire 2 weeks’ trip to Nepal go south. So, first & foremost you might want to make a sensible mindset and be a bit careful of what and where you’re eating.

Next is avoiding water of which you are not sure of. It's exceptionally straightforward, simply don't drink the stuff out of the tap at all on the off chance that your stomach can’t handle something out of ordinary or you're recently in a stressed mood. Then it would be a lot better for you to utilize treated or boiled water and make an effort not to let infected water inside your mouth during your stay in Nepal. It may be while you are trekking through the Himalayas or going for a verdant safari in the plains of Nepal, you need to stay wary about the water which you are thinking about drinking.

If you hate germs then you surely know about “Hand Sanitizers” as you might use them often. And if you don’t use them then I suggest you that using Hand Sanitizers can be a very beneficial factor to your traveling days. To let you know how useful hand sanitizers can be I will even say that they are a fabulous innovation that does not require water and is an incredible approach to ensure those germs which you have gotten do not get the chance to harm you by getting inside. By and large, eating healthy food with hands full of germs can be hazardous for your stomach and in while damaging your health entirely. As any traveler who likes traveling can relate to being hypnotized by the innocence of street puppies which later on makes them want to touch them. So, for those instances having a hand sanitizer can be a huge advantage for you.

Although nowadays most dining places utilize treated water for making their ice, it's presumably better to simply stay away from ice altogether during your stay in Nepal, even in your cold drinks. If you need to drink, then drink packaged beverages along with your soul of decision, no ice. Likewise, ensure your serving of mixed green vegetables or salad has been washed in treated water in case you are to eat it. Another astute decision for the untreated water-washed natural product, then you can buy some peel-able fruits to be sure that when you peel the skin of the fruit you are conceivably removing microscopic organisms off of it. I recommend fruits like bananas, oranges, lychees but do attempt to keep away from apples unless you wash them yourself with treated water or peel the skin first before consuming them.

To wrap things up, in case you don't know about where to eat, or what to eat, in no way, shape or form should you abstain from eating those local dishes, after all without proper health condition you are bound to fail of achieving your traveling goals which you had planned to do in Nepal. At the end of this blog post, I hope these tips along with my suggestions, will help you avoid getting food poisoning & keep you healthy.

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