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How to Make Your Trek More Fun and Realistic

  • 17-Mar-2017
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The best thing about Nepal trekking adventures is that we get wonderful opportunities to see new things, meet new people by exploring new places which can be surprising in both good and bad ways simultaneously.  Booking any trips will open you up to challenges that you may feel uneasy about at a certain point, but the thing that you need to keep in mind is that without facing the challenges, we can never come over it. With having a little more courage, little more guts, you can make your Nepal trek more fun and realistic. If you have no idea about how to do it, then here are few tips that might help you for your next holiday.

Go for a single private departures

Trekking around the foothills of Nepal Himalayas can be one of the best experiences however, to make your trip journey more fun and realistic you may need to plan for a solo adventure. Solo adventure here refers to single private departures where you will be traveling solo but not alone. You will be accompanied by a professional trekking guide.  Make the most out of your holiday by absorbing the cultural and natural essence by self-motivating, living off the edge. Prove yourself that you can make it all without a loved one accompanying you.

Try to live the moment rather than capturing in the camera

In this materialistic technologically booming world, we tend to enjoy the digital version rather than feeling it in the real world. Your digital camera will surely come in handy to make the present moment last forever, but it should not be used to that extent which will create your distance from live moment and surroundings. Missing the moment on camera is not a big thing, but if you miss the moment in real life, your trip might be an unsuccessful one.  Therefore, instead of devoting all your time and energy to capturing in the camera, use your camera only when required, enjoy more what is happening now.

Get lost but also be found at trekking trails

Most travelers intend to enjoy every moment of their trek, preplan everything that comes and goes, but this will eliminate the moment of surprise when you have a map in your hand to know where you are going. Therefore get lost. Getting lost will bring the moment of surprises that will make you feel you are in every heartbeat. Explore around the trail, go for a little sidewalk, customize your itinerary a little. But getting lost doesn’t mean that be in trouble. Always inform your trekking guide and make sure you be found at end of the day.

Try to talk with locals in their language

Why don’t you try something new when you are at new places? Why not trying to speak in the new language? Chatting with locals in their own language is a great way to connect with them. You do not need to be fluent, just repeat after what they say. Sometimes, you might be a center of attraction by making fool of yourself, but ignore the negativity and it’s more fun when we get involved in such activities rather than just getting there and coming back.

Taste something that you have never had before

When we get a menu in a restaurant with more unfamiliar items on it, we tend to order the most familiar one. Like if you see Sadheko Gundruk, Syabhale, and noodles soup on a menu, most probably, you will go for the noodles, or, you are tempted to have coffee and toast rather than tongba. But if you already know the dish that you are going to have then you will be missing the surprise and local dish which is the main reason that you are traveling to this part of the world.

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