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Trekking in Nepal During Spring Season

  • 26-Feb-2017
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You must be planning for Nepal walking holidays, but unsure about when to pack your bags and hop in. The best time for Nepal trekking holidays is basically the upcoming spring months of March, April, May, and autumn months of September, October, and November. Here, as spring season has just started, we will be talking about what it is like hiking in Nepal at this time.

Spring is beautiful and so is trekking in this beautiful season. It is the time when nature comes to full bloom, colorful rhododendron forests, exciting landscape views along with the refreshing cool wind blowing the hills, no too hot and no too cold, the weather is also perfect. It will be an added highlight that simply adds a highlight to the adventurous journey.

And did you knew that Spring is also the best time for mountaineering and peak climbing expeditions around the Himalayas? Many records are made and broken on the Himalayas during this time. At Everest base camp, you may get an opportunity to meet and even stay overnight camping along with legendary mountaineers who have summited Everest several times. Listen to their stories and inspire ourselves. These things happen only in the spring season at the base camp of the Himalayas, nowhere else.

Similarly, the weather also remains clear with very few chances of rainfall. It allows us to watch crystal clear views of the grand Himalayas, basically during sunrise and sunset with panoramic views over the Himalayas. Also, the clear sky, sunny days, and less rainfall lead to fewer chances of flight cancellation/ delay.

Similarly, trekking in Nepal during this spring season also allows us to enjoy the beautiful wildlife and bird watching at Chitwan National Park. A large number of birds migrate to Nepal at this time. Be ready with your binoculars and cameras on.

As spring season starts, the days will slowly get longer with shorter nights which gives you plenty of daylight opportunity for getting involved in the fun-filled outdoor activities. So, we recommend you visit Nepal this Spring season. Do you have any plans? Or need help in planning and organizing holidays in Nepal? Enquire us, we will be more than happy to help you.

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