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Are you a smart adventure traveler?

  • 19-Mar-2017
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We all love to travel around the world and specifically trek around the foothills of the great Himalayas. That’s what makes us adventure enthusiasts. Sadly but simply loving to explore new places doesn’t make us very good at it. We need to have some attributes to call ourselves good and smart adventure travelers.

Here we have listed few things that might be essential to be smart when it comes to traveling and trekking. Therefore do you have these traits, find out? Either you have or even if you don’t possess these characteristics, you would love to know these things.

1. You have never given up attitude

Either while traveling or in your life, you don’t give up on things so easily. You have the strong willpower to succeed and achieve anything that is kept in front of you. While trekking through tough trails, climbing a peak, or dealing with unforeseen situations, you believe that never giving up is a bigger thing than winning.

2. You give up on things that you can’t control

In the course of getting what you want, you give up on things that weigh you down. You avoid the negative people, negative circumstances, and all those things that you have no control over whatsoever. Therefore giving up bad things is as important for a traveler as holding up the good things.

3. You pack only essentials

Proper preparations and packing is the key. A smart traveler always tends to pack only essential items that you are certain of using it. The lighter weight you carry, it will be easier for you to manage luggage during your trip.

4. You try to chat in the local language

Trying to talk in the local language with local people is the best way to connect with them. You do not need to be a communication expert, you just need to try to speak and start a conversation. ‘Namaste’ or hello is a good communication starter.

5. You have an attractive personality, confident

Moreover, you are full of self-confidence and don’t hesitate to ask away (directions) or about their traditions, cultures, festivals with local people. Having a pleasant personality also creates more opportunities which will eventually be beneficial.

6. You carry a map and use a travel app

Carrying a map and using a travel app reflects that you are updated with your travel plan and technologies that make your life easier. Maps and apps not only show directions but give much more information about nearby attractions, restaurants, and even reviews these days.

7. You always carry a first aid kit

Apart from everything else, safety always should be your number one priority. Therefore it is recommended to always carry a first aid box with basic anti-inflammatory, anti-altitude sickness, and few other medications for minor scratches.

8. You keep hydrating your body

Keeping your body hydrated is a key to make any of your adventure trips a successful one. Therefore always carry a lightweight water bottle, water bladder, or similar through which you can take a sip of water in every short interval. While doing so, you also need to ensure that the water you are drinking is purified. Avoid drinking any water from local resources.

9. You have travel plans, goals

You are a certain goal in your life and traveling is one of them and know what you are doing and where you are going. Even though when you get lost sometimes, you are found again. This is one of the major traits that a smart traveler should possess.

10. You believe in sustainable tourism

Traveling responsibly is a must-have trait. We all should have a consideration about giving it back to nature and local people, surroundings. Either by buying some local products or using their services, it helps the local community be independent. Also, you can give the local communities something back after returning from the trip by recommending it to your friends.

11. You love local foods

While traveling, you might just discover your new favorite food. So, if you are a foodie, you love to taste different delicacies around the world, connect with their food culture and explore the site in an even smarter way.

12. You respect local tradition, culture

You tend to learn from others, learn the differences in cultures, traditions, and festivals. Have respect and positive thoughts about other’s culture and finally make the best time around by getting involved in enjoyable fun-filled activities.

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