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Travelers Guide To Health and Immunization: Is Vaccination Shots Necessary Before Visiting Nepal?

  • 26-Apr-2017
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Preferably yes. However, health risks vary from one person to another, and along with the destination, other causes should also be taken into consideration like your period of visit, time of the year, your general health condition, behavior, and activities that you will be involving in. The tips and guidelines in this article are based on the traveler’s view/experience for informative purposes only, while you are at the first hand recommended to consult a medical practitioner while planning your Nepal trip about vaccinations and avoid any health issues during or after your visit.

What diseases are more likely to affect travelers in Nepal? And what are its causes?

First, let’s see travelers are prone to which diseases in Nepal. Basically, travelers have a high risk of respiratory and enterically transmitted diseases. Empirically in simple words means waterborne diseases or diseases caused by eating contaminated food, unpurified liquids, lack of sanitation. Whereas, intense air pollution in Kathmandu can be the main reason for respiratory diseases like cough, tonsil infection, asthma, extreme cold causes pneumonia, etc.

So, what vaccination shots and preventive measures to take before going to Nepal?

Vaccination shots to be considered are for most common enterically transmitted diseases like Hepatitis A, typhoid along sexually transmitted Hepatitis B. Consider rabies, Japanese encephalitis, malaria, and cholera too according to your activities and destinations in Nepal. Remember, (why rabies?)there are many stray dogs in Kathmandu and even a few on route to various trekking routes including Everest base camp, (why Japanese encephalitis, malaria?) in summer months (May, June, July, August) mosquitoes are hazardously found in Kathmandu and other major southern plains of Terai.

Like taking a vaccination for prevention, taking precautions for respiratory diseases is also important. What you can do is:

  • Always wear a mask while traveling, sightseeing around Kathmandu
  • Avoid street juices like lassi (yogurt drink is not good for your throat)
  • Always carry hand sanitizer and wash hands before eating anything
  • Asthma patients always carry asthma inhalers along with you
  • Avoid smoking (smoking is injurious to your health and people nearby)

Finally, after considering these things, you should be clarified about vaccinations and immunizations for traveling to Nepal. If you have any further inquiries or opinions on visiting Nepal, contact us. We are always happy to hear from you.

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