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Fitness Tips for Trekking Around Nepal Himalayas

  • 06-Apr-2015
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Trekking around Nepal Himalayas is a challenging task and it is always very important to maintain your fitness level beforehand. Without pre-trip fitness training and warmup ideas, walking on steep rugged trails will very difficult. However, you don’t need to be superman with six-pack abs to embark for Nepal Treks. By following the simple following steps and taking them into action you can actually enjoy your trip with less fatigue and stress.

Keep Walking:

Yes, you must be going for a walk, not only from your room to the kitchen but a quite long one. Morning is the best time for walking. So, go for a morning walk. Jogging for a couple of hours with friends or family is a good way to burn your fat, increase your stamina and spend some quality time with family. Slowly increase your time, at least 2-3 hours of regular jogging is recommended. Before you embark on walking adventures, you must feel confident in your fitness and comfortable during the trip.

Workout on your legs:

The stronger the legs you have more it will be easy while walking on the trails. Therefore it is recommended that you work on your legs, build some strong leg muscles, and join in any of the treks like a walk in a park. The most popular leg-based exercises are playing football, skipping, and cycling. Or simply take stairs on the way up and down the building. And if you love to work out at the gym, then spend some more time on cycling sets. This certainly enhances your fitness and builds up your confidence.

Warm-up first:

Sometimes overdoing exercise may cause calf injury or muscle spasm leading you to take bed rest for weeks and even cancel the whole trekking plan. So, before doing any kind of workout make sure you stretch your body, hands, and feet first. The best way to do this is to try to touch your toe without bending your knees. Workout incorrect posture and you will surely get benefited.

Change your routes often:

Trekking around Nepal Himalayas comprises diversification in routes as well. You won’t be walking on a smooth flat road always. So to give it practice change your jogging or morning walk routes quite often. Go uphill, downhill, and offroad sometimes. It helps you get used to variations in trekking routes.

Carry a bag while jogging or walking:

Simply carry a weight on your back quite similar to one that you will be carrying on a trek. And if possible carry some extra weight, it helps you feel a Lil bit easy and comfortable while joining trekking trips in Nepal. You can simply carry few liters of water with you, it is not necessary to carry the same thing like on the trek.
In this way, you can really increase your stamina to the optimum point from where Nepal trekking journeys will be even more fun-filled, less stressful, and unforgettable holidays around the Himalayas.

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