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What Things To Bring and What To Buy in Nepal?

  • 20-Jun-2017
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Trekking gears and equipment play a vital role in either making or breaking your trip. So, always ensure you are all geared up and well prepared for walking trips in Nepal. While going through the list for the first time, you might be overwhelmed; however, packing gears for Nepal treks is somewhat similar to packing for your touring holidays. Only a few more things are there that you need to consider and make a smart decision of either bringing those gears all the way from your home or simply buying in Nepal.

Things to bring on your own:

Hiking boots:

It may be difficult to find larger-sized shoes than EUR 44, USA 11 in Nepal as the average Nepali size is much lesser than that. Also, there are plenty of knock-off products in the market that lack quality.  Therefore, to find your perfect compatible size, durable comfort, and branded trekking shoes, we recommend you bring your own.

Water bottle/bladder:

Bring your own water bottle if you have a durable and quality one. Bottles are there in the Nepali market but the rubber seal on the cap tends to lose after we pour hot water. To avoid plastic water bottles on trails and to have leak-proof bottles, we recommend bringing your own water bottle. The same thing goes with water bladder too.


You must bring your own prescribed medicine for a time as long as you are staying in Nepal. Like diabetic, pressure, and asthma drugs, you might find the same composition but not find the same medicine here in Nepal. And never forget to bring the prescription along.


All electronics are imported in Nepal, therefore due to added custom taxes, generally, most of the electronics from mobile phones to laptops are expensive compared to foreign countries. There is however plenty of cheap mobile phones that support gsm sim that you might consider to have one for international calls, mobile internet, etc.

Batteries and power bank:

You may not find good quality batteries in Nepal, cheap AA batteries don’t last long, so we recommend bringing quality batteries that last at least a couple of weeks on your head torch. Bring 10000-20000 mah power bank for two weeks of the trek. You can buy a power bank in Nepal, but why buy if you already have one.

Personal Deo:

Deo is available in Nepal but in a limited range. If you have a personal favorite or allergy while using others, then bring your own deo with you.

Things that you can buy in Nepal:

Trekking poles:

Hiking poles are cheap and are easily available around the streets of Thamel, Kathmandu, similarly at stores in Pokhara, Lukla, Namche, and other trekking sites. Shock absorbing, trekking poles with smooth adjustable height are recommended to buy.

Sleeping bag:

If you have your own sleeping bag, then bring it along, or else you can get one easily at any trekking gear store in Nepal. For higher altitude treks like Everest base camp and Annapurna circuit, you are suggested to buy thicker sleeping bags that can keep you warm in freezing temperatures below 0 degrees Celcius. On the other hand, the lightweight sleeping bag can suffice off the beaten path treks.

Also, you need to know that blankets will be made available at almost every teahouse and extra ones will be provided during cold seasons without extra cost. So, even in case you forgot, missed, or left behind your sleeping bag, you can still keep yourself warm during an overnight stay with blankets provided by the teahouse.

Dry fruits and chocolates:

Various mixes of dry fruits like raisins, peanuts, and chocolate bars are easily available at any nearby martin Kathmandu and other trekking regions. So, you are suggested to buy fresh one at your convenience. However, if you prefer a special flavor, brand, and composition with calorie grading, then you need to bring on your own.

Toothbrush and paste:

It is the most common thing that we know, still tend to forget to pack in our backpack. Mostly Indian brand Toothbrush and paste are easily available at any store, local shop. But you are suggested to buy one at a local shop in Kathmandu.


Most toilet papers are used in toilets in the teahouse where water is scarce. You should not forget to buy toiletries like toilet paper while you are in Kathmandu as this item can be purchased even at a higher altitude inside the teahouse, but tends to cost much higher.  Similarly, shaving items and feminine hygiene products are also suggested to buy in a local store nearby Thamel.

Trekking maps:

You must have a trekking map of the site that you are trekking into. Good quality detailed maps printed on glossy paper can be bought easily on the streets of Thamel that costs a couple of hundred Nepali rupees. The map is helpful in many ways.

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