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Is High Altitude Experience Necessary for Everest Base Camp Trek?

  • 04-May-2017
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“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.”

For any amateur trekker who wants to go and visit the Everest Base Camp, normally they tend to have several questions in their minds before their trek, which is totally normal so don’t scratch your mind too much. Anyway, let’s get back to the topic and yes “High Altitude” remains an allusive topic matter for every trekker who has plans of experiencing EBC personally. This is large since the base camp lies at a soaring elevation of 5,380 meters above sea level, which in terms of height consists a huge probability of High Altitude Mountain Sickness. So, to answer your query here in this blog I will be discussing if you as novice trekkers, need to have a prior high altitude trekking experience or not for going to the Everest Base Camp.

In response to the topic of our discussion, I can say that commonly you don't need to possess a prior trekking experience at high altitudes to go for an Everest base camp trek in Nepal. Look, I know everybody who has ever thought of the world’s highest point of Mt. Everest, has on some occasions at least wished to visit its grandeur base camp if not summiting the peak itself. But, hear me out as before carrying out your plans of trekking to EBC, some things must be learned about among which High Altitude trekking is a prime contender. Trekking in general is done at high elevations so it should not come as a surprise to you that you must be fully capable and prepare yourself to endure the challenging journey at high altitudes.

Many newcomers have been able to successfully trek to the EBC and return safely without any huge detrimental concerns. And still many people who have never traveled in high elevated places are documented to be going for the EBC trek each year. This entirely doesn’t mean that anyone can reach the base camp of Mt. Everest without preparing their body initially. So, if you have trained well and have a good knowledge about (acclimatization) High Altitude environments, then as I mentioned above, you can certainly book your Everest base camp trek. This will firmly increase your chances of receiving that dream-like trek that you had planned since the beginning of your endeavor with more amount of pleasurable experiences and encounters.

Continuing, trekkers should always have the full guided assistance of a local expert guide who can lead you and help make it comfortable for you by carrying out the major activities of purchasing a trekking permit, finding a tea house for a sleepover, and keep you away from cautious places during your trek. Not only that but if you don’t want to get dragged down by your own heavy luggage in the Himalayas then do rent a porter who if you pay a normal sum of money can carry your luggage for you while you enjoy exploring the trekking trails without much physical input from your side.

Therefore, those who have not been to high elevations should not cancel their plans of visiting Nepal for a trek to the EBC. They just need to maintain proper health while improving their current physical condition. Alongside that, they can try to get some extra helpful tips and information’s regarding their journey to help minimize the risk of any volatile incidents. And if you can do all that then it won’t hamper your trek if you have zero experience of trekking in high altitudes.

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