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With the mighty Everest: Up close and Personal

  • 04-Mar-2016
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Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by the colossal walls of mountains as if you are at the center stage of a natural amphitheater, chilled environment, and rocky terrain as if you are in some other heavenly places. It feels awesome, isn’t it? Everest Base Camp (EBC) provides the same feeling to its visitors. Officially the Top of the World, the wish to be in the vicinity of the Himalayas is a dream several have in their travel bucket. There is something in every turning and trail in the Khumbu (Everest) region that amazes travelers. Panoramic scenery and enchanting waterfalls, prayer wheels and Mani walls, Sherpa inhabitation, and cultural extravaganza, and what not! You are greeted by the Khumbu region in every way you can imagine to be treated in such higher elevations.

What attracts travelers to Everest Base Camp?

Mount Everest is the star attraction of the region through the other mighty mountains seem to guard the region since time unknown boasts as proudly as the mightiest Everest does. Travelers stung by the adventure bug with passion for adventure and conquering the higher altitudes who always look forward to pushing themselves further have the Everest Base Camp on top of their wish list. Everest has been the symbol of accomplishment since its summit by the legendary mountaineer duo of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. The pride of being even close to the lofty peak is beyond description.


Trekkers to the Everest Base Camp has the company of torrential rivers, the moraines due to the glaciers, the lush forests and villages perched on hillsides, the terraced fields of wheat, barley, potatoes, and cabbages, suspension bridges clad with the prayer flags and the rich legacy of Sherpa culture. Every element in the region is an amazing experience.
Kalapatthar is the most amazing viewpoint to view Everest; the view from this place makes the trekkers watch the mighty Everest with their mouth open. Not only of the lofty Everest, Kalapatthar meaning the black rock, also provides a panoramic view from Everest to Ama Dablam peak. You can view Everest better from here than from the Everest Base Camp itself!
The monasteries in the region have some enchanting magic you can’t have anywhere else. Listening to the monks chanting prayers in their deep yet soft voice pleases every visitor. The well-preserved culture and unique lifestyle is a memory that shall come to your mind every time you hear somewhere about the legendary Sherpa people. The taste of Dumplings (or locally called Momo), salt-butter tea, the locally produced beverages are some of the highlights of Sherpa cuisine that provoke travelers to extend their stay in the region.

What else should you expect?

Hold on! Everest Base Camp isn’t so easy. To the travelers who are not much into regular hiking and trekking or who don’t train much or pay a visit to the gym regularly, the higher altitudes may make the journey hard. Altitude sickness is often a problem among travelers with other smaller difficulties.
Besides everything else you must expect fun all along the trekking adventure, lots of fun indeed. The fun portion of the trek increases if you are with a group. Know what to expect in the mountainous region, have patience with yourself and others, respect the local traditions and culture and get immerse in each moment you spend in the region. This shall give the best experience of life.

Last Words…

The trek to Everest Base Camp shall introduce you to the mighty Everest up close and personal. The memories shall get imprinted into your mind and soul for life. Just do it the right way! Respect the locals, mingle with the fellow trekkers well and help each other, plan cautiously, and have patience; the fun is all yours. Everest shall greet you with utmost hospitality. Go for the Everest.

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