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Namche Bazaar: “A Himalayan town of Khumbu region”

  • 05-May-2017
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“Spark the lost joy of adventure and step into the wonderland of the Namche Bazaar.”

Ever wondered about trekking to the base camp of Mt. Everest? If yes, then you might have heard about Namche Bazaar which occasionally is referred to as a place of extreme natural and cultural beauty. Anyone who is on their way to the Everest Base Camp should always for at least a day spends their time there. The mere charisma of this Himalayan town seems to make a journey to the glorious EBC even more fruitful due to its vast complexity of modern and ancient influences. But on the contrary, if you have not heard about Namche Bazaar then continue reading as I am going to tell you about the pure magnificence of Namche Bazaar from here onward.

Located at a high elevation of 3,440 meters above sea level, Namche Bazaar can be seen as a beautifully crafted Himalayan town that is nestled along the crescent-shaped hill slopes. It truly is a place worth visiting by trekkers who are on the verge of making their journey deep into the gorgeous Khumbu region. Majorly popular for being a town where trekkers normally spend a day for acclimatization purposes, it has gained vast popularity among travelers for its flagstone streets with colorful shops selling quality goods and equipment needed for the trekking and climbing expedition. To start, trekkers commonly reach Namche Bazaar on their second day of trekking where they can experience the splendor of relaxing their exhausted bodies & rejuvenate themselves.

Namche Bazaar, with its overwhelming population of 1500 people, is the largest town inside the Khumbu region. Creating a spectacle of natural wanderlust, Namche Bazaar tends to keep travelers in awe every time they spend a day in one of its comfy tea houses which are fully accommodated to give travelers and trekkers a proper resting place. Fortuitously, Namche Bazaar has some of the most welcoming and comfortable teahouses in the entire Khumbu region. Adding to that is you can get an extra amenity of enjoying a hot shower here (by paying an extra buck or two!). Just like that, you may like to explore its dazzling streets and try tasting some of its delicacies while using the Wi-Fi to connect with your family & friends back home.

Each year trekkers from around the globe make a stop at the inviting lodges of Namche Bazar hence during the busy seasons of Spring and Autumn, this town seems to be bursting with joy and happiness of foreign trekkers who plan on visiting EBC or even make an attempt to summit the mountain entirely. It doesn’t really matter what you will do when you reach Mt. Everest because if you plan on visiting Mt. Everest you will eventually, nonetheless end up in Namche Bazaar in one way or another. Not stopping there, this place also has some hidden features which can astonish its visitors easily. Among which a 400-meter hike up to the Everest View Hotel can be a very momentous experience as trekkers can view the majestic Mt. Everest including other Himalayan mountains such as Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Nuptse with no trouble.

It’s genuinely entreated that you enjoy each moment of your stay in Namche Bazaar as there are not many towns and villages further along the trek route which provide facilities like Namche Bazaar. And last but not least discover the true mysticism of Sherpa culture and indulge yourself with the welcoming hospitality of the local people before continuing on with your trek to the potent Mt. Everest.

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