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5 Good Reasons To Go For Nepal Trekking Adventures

  • 18-Sep-2016
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When we see an awesome picture of our friend on Facebook, we like it, right?  In reality, what we like more than our friend is that awesome place he had been. And immediately planning our future trip on our subconscious mind, we comment, “Awesome pic yar (friend)!  Where is the place?”

We usually do not realize that we need a vacation; at least once a year. Nowadays we are so busy in the professional life that we lost ourselves and forget who we are.

Few common excuses for not traveling around are:

“LoL!, I don’t want to spend money for trekking, hiking, and other stuff.”

“I want to go but, I don’t I don’t have time for holidays.”

“My boss or my college won’t let me leave for those many days.”

“I have a family to take care of, can’t travel alone.”

Well ok, I can understand, there are other priorities in our life and other important things to take care of, but it is very essential to pause all those important things for a while and go for a trekking/hiking adventure around the foothills of the Himalayas. Again the question might arise WHY?

Here are few reasons to go for Nepal Trekking Adventures:

1. First and foremost, trekking is good for your health.

Scientific research has shown that only planning about the vacation makes us happy and rejuvenates the positive energy in our body.

Also, the hypothesis testing has been proven that people who travel and go for hiking adventures are less likely to get heart attacks and other heart diseases. This activity also improves our physical as well as mental health status.

2. It introduces us to a whole new world, new people, and a new atmosphere.

Visiting a new place is an opportunity to learn new things about people, culture, and surroundings. It takes you to a different place which is completely new for us, does exciting things, participates in various activities, and makes your life a colorful adventure full of wonderful memories.

From excellent views of great Himalayan peaks to making a positive impact on local inhabitants being a reason for their smiles, trekking adventures are best for us as well as for others.

3. It helps us love our loved ones and love our own place even more.

Have you ever missed someone, or missed the place badly? Why do you miss someone/somewhere? It’s because we are far away from them/there.

And you must have realized that happiest feeling is that when we meet that special person or return to the special place.

So, what I am trying to say is that returning from trekking adventures is like falling in love. Falling in love with our loved ones and love our own place even more.

4. Trekking/hiking, nature, and adventure clears our mind making more room for creativity.

To pour water into a glass, glass needs to be emptied first. Similarly, to create new ideas, develop creativity and fill new things in our brain, we need to clear our mind first.

I don’t know you believe me or not but research shows that students who studied literature abroad are found to create more creative content. Well, it might not be true in my case because I haven’t been abroad but another analysis has shown that when we say, “research shows”, people tend to believe.

5. It helps you find out who you really are, or find out how your travel partner really is.

In my view traveling is an amazing way to lose ourselves in the process of finding ourselves. A journey that takes you near the Himalayas, flowing rivers, and friendly people through challenging walks will add value to your life making in happier, cheerful and actually shape your life in the direction it should be.

Likewise, traveling also lets you find out your right partner. While trekking, camping, and spending time for a couple of days, you will surely see the true side of the person. No one can fake it for that long. So, what I say is you must go on hiking trips before getting married to that person. Make sure you try this and you can thank me later.

For now, these are my top five reasons for trekking adventures. And where could be a better option to go for trekking other than Nepal?

Do you have any other reasons for traveling that you want me to add to this article? Let me know. If you liked this article, Like, Share, and make your comment. I love to hear from you. :)

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