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Six Travel Tips for Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  • 04-Jul-2016
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Annapurna Base Camp is an exciting trek that takes you to the base camp of the 10th highest Himalaya that would relish in our memories in years to come. If you are looking for this amazing trek to Annapurna Base Camp  for your upcoming holidays then, you would surely like to go through the following travel tips:

1. Do proper training and preparations

Annapurna Base Camp hiking trip is not so challenging one at highest altitudes, crossing high passes and involving technical climbs, however, you must be in good fit shape with some training and physical preparations. The highest altitude gained during the trek is 4130m at base camp, and you have to hike up and down through diversified trails for hours for more than a week. So, we would like you to suggest getting involved in physical training like going cycling, short hikes, swimming, skipping with a backpack, and trekking boots on. Doing this cardio on daily basis before joining the trek will surely increase your stamina and mental health which rewards you with less chance of falling ill and more delightful adventures.

2. Get yourself comfortable with trekking gears

Getting comfortable with your trekking gears and equipment is essential. To do that, first of all, get good quality trekking gear like boots, warm layers of inner and outerwear, sleeping bags, etc. Then start using those gears and wears them a couple of weeks before you actually use them in your trek so that you get comfortable with them.

3. Don’t let your body dehydrate and get energized more often

Always drink plenty of fluids during the trek for proper hydration that will make your all organs function properly and keep up and moving in the trails. It is advised to take a water bottle sipper with you and take a sip frequently. Keeping yourself hydrated is also the key to avoid altitude sickness. Similarly, carry some energy bars like chocolates and dry fruits (cashew, raisin) along with you for quick energy boosts.

4. Trek slow, enjoy more

Trek to ABC becomes even more enjoyable way when embarked slowly. Trekking is not racing, so, you are advised to hike gradually up and down the hills. Doing this will make your body adapt to the surroundings and reduces the chances of altitude sickness. Annapurna region offers great landscape and Himalayan views with an insight into local cultures and traditions. So, you would surely love to stop for a while and take a perfect panoramic picture.

5. Be aware of altitude sickness and its symptoms

You must keep your eye on acute mountain sickness and its symptoms especially while getting at high altitudes. If you feel mild headache, nausea, breathing problem, chest pain, or diarrhea, these are the symptoms of altitude sickness that you should not take lightly. If you think you can’t get further, then, descend, spent a night at a lower altitude and if you feel better then ascend towards ABC.

6. Most of all feel happy and enjoy your ABC trek achievement

The most imperative thing to recollect while you trek is that you are here to enjoy and make the most of every second. Enjoy the local cultures, their warm hospitality, capture amazing views of the Himalayas, and do the things that you wouldn’t be doing in your regular lifestyle, like being happy every time. Be happy and make this trip a happy adventurous trip that you will remember in years to come.

Therefore these are our six travel tips for Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Have you been here at ABC before? If yes, what more tips do you have? We would love to hear from you.

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