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Trekking tips for Everest Base Camp trek

  • 14-Jul-2016
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You must be looking for Everest base camp trek advice if you are planning for Everest trekking adventure in your upcoming vacation. You would love to have access to our Everest Base Camp Trek page for detailed information. Also these few tips and suggestions would surely come handy. Before you embark in for adventure of lifetime around foothills of Everest Himalayas, know what to pack and what not to. The best Everest base Camp Trek Advice heading from Kathmandu to Lukla would be you are recommended to leave your precious things like electronics, passports, and flight tickets in your safety locker in a hotel room.

Everest Treks are mostly organized as a tea house trek where trekkers stay at different lodges during every end of the trekking day. With basic accommodation and meals facilities being available, there, we also get an opportunity to meet new like minded travelers from around the globe; which is a great chance to make new friends too.

During your EBC trek, you will be at 5380m altitude at base camp, therefore you must be aware of altitude sickness and well prepare to avoid it by taking necessary precautions and preventive measures. Some important tips are:

  1. Walk gradually at your normal speed, enjoying overall atmosphere. (It’s not a race remember.)
  2. If any mild headache, vomiting and suffocation symptoms appear, consult with your trekking guide for best advice. Usually you should descend to lower altitude and acclimatize properly before climbing in again.
  3. “Trek high sleep low” is a golden rule that you should remember. It basically means, for example if you are planning to stay overnight at teahouse in Dengboche, then at the end of that particular day, ascend few hundred meters ahead, and descend to your tea house for sound sleep avoiding AMS.
  4. Its better to avoid consuming alcohol, sleeping medications and smoking during the EBC trek, as it will decrease the oxygen level in our body that increases chance of altitude sickness.
  5. Drink plenty of purified water and fuel your body on regular basis. Bring water purifying tablets along with you. Or use steripen and other modern techniques to purify the water. Or simply ask for boiled water during stay at local teahouse.

Also another thing to remember is to avoid being ill from water borne diseases. You are requested not to drink water from local tap water; don’t even brush your teeth from such water. You are highly recommended to be careful about what you eat and drink so that you can enjoy Everest base camp trek to the fullest.

Trekking in Nepal at most of the areas including Everest region offers us with diversified topography and rich cultural insights. Mostly while walking alongside the rough terrains, one should be aware about being at safe side of the road. One should not walk at edge of cliff especially for taking selfies, photos and while you encounter giant yaks crossing your way.

Finally, while trekking around Everest or any other region, have respect to local culture, traditions, and always keep the environment clean. Do not take pictures wherever not allowed and always be a responsible traveler and make this world better place to live and best place to visit.

So, these are the few tips to make your Everest base camp trek a successful one. Did I missed any points? Have you been there? Or are you planning to go? Have your say at comment box below. We love to hear from you.

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