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Adventure Activities in Nepal: Exhilarating Feat to Triumph Over

  • 07-May-2018
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The Himalayan nation of Nepal is favored with distinct geographical and natural diversities with the extensive range of native heritage that establishes Nepal into a prominent place for adventure sports and exploration.

The nation flaunts some of its intrinsic graces in the guise of the eight highest peaks on the planet out of the ten along with awe-inspiring landscape and elegant natural vistas, captivating trails alongside the mighty Himalayas, lavish greenery with exotic wildlife, ferocious whitewater streams, and elegant water bodies which you can witness being a part of the adventure activities such as trekking, wilderness safari, rafting and much more; that the country has to offer, as the celestial spot for daredevil trekkers, dauntless adventure seekers, and adrenaline junkies.

Well renowned for pre-eminent trekking and climbing destinations, Nepal is also earning eminence among its visitors for the adventure sports it extends towards them.  Nepal has been adopting adventure tourism enthusiastically as it bestows encouraging footprints on the national economy, indigenous populations, tourism industry, and conservation development. With its increasing popularity within the tourist circle (Indigenous and international) in Nepal; the adventure activities are firmly believed to render a win-win situation, both for the visitors and the host nation. Mentioned below are some of the tourist favorite adventure activities that are unlike anything thing you have ever seen:

Bungee jumping and Swing


Bungee jumping is the act of daredevils’, packed with the adrenaline rush, that include a paramount invigorating jump attached to only an elastic cord; from an astounding 5,00ft (1,60m) dropping into the Bhote Koshi River gorge:  the longest Free-fall in the world. You’ll definitely feel the freefall for few seconds until you are abruptly snapped back upward as the elastic cord stretched to its limit will return to its original form. Afterward, this elastic cord will again stretch and contract until it’s lost all its remaining energy, eventually hanging you upside down with the emotions mixed with delight, fear, and of course a big shout!!

Based 100km northeast from the Kathmandu valley towards the Tibetan border, this ultimate Bungee jumping site at Bhote Koshi Bridge takes about  3 hours long drive from Kathmandu. Over the Bhote Koshi River gorge at an altitude of 3,600 feet; the bridge is a 166m wide steel suspension. With a loading factor of 4.5 tones, the bridge ensures the safety of the jumper. The medical and sickness problems should consider before bungee jumping for your own safety.

The world’s highest swing; the swing from this bridge will deliver a chill in the spine followed by the adrenaline rush, that is unforgettable throughout life. A free fall of 100m at 150 km/hr amidst lush greenery and over a ferocious Bhote Koshi river that you along with your partner can experience via Tandem Swing will become a moment that you never want to forget in your lifetime.

White water Rafting and Canoeing


Are you ready for some fun in the water? Nepal will never let you down!! Nepal is the 2nd richest country in freshwater that includes fast-flowing river with recurrent rapids to comparatively easy river with few rapids; rivers for all the rafters possessing a different level of strength. As most of the rivers in Nepal originate from the mighty Himalayas, the river acquires ample velocity from the steep descent it has to take while flowing from such a great height; therefore, every river is not fit for rafting and canoeing.

If you are attempting white water rafting for the first time then the easy river is for you. If not, and you are aiming for a challenging raft, it is recommended to have some understand and a low level of experience regarding white water rafting. “Go with the flow”, it’s what you’ll feel when the river takes you wherever she wants and all you can do is, not fall from an inflatable raft. After getting exhausted from demanding adventure, you can now relax on the white sandy beaches beside the river.

Canyoning in Nepal is an escapade that surely will revitalize your body and mind. Like icing on the cake, canoeing in the rivers of Nepal is overfilled with the alluring outlook of dense forest beside the riverbank, craggy rocks, and numerous gushing waterfalls descending one after the other into refreshing water accumulations.

Rock climbing


Regarded as an adventure sport, rock climbing is not simple as it sounds. Instead of just climbing the rock, the sport is very demanding and requires a lot of strength. Not only that, rock climbing tests the abilities of a person such as concentration, endurance, and patience to their limits. Rock climbing in Nepal renders internal satisfaction to the climbers with the back-breaking climb formidable natural rock faces in resplendent surroundings.

Rock climbing in Nepal consists of the climb on natural or artificial rock. Different artificial rock climbing sites can be found in Kathmandu. For the one who seeks a natural rock climbing site, rocks located towards the north of Kathmandu valley prove to be appropriate for rock climbing practice for both beginners and professionals that can be combined with hiking, bird watching, and other activities. For those who want to climb rocks in the lap of Mother Nature, there are rock climbing areas established in the Everest region where you can take pleasure in rock climbing to its full extent.

Jungle Safari


Not only the massive mountains but Nepal is also blessed with a tropical jungle in the Terai region which harbors and conserves the wildlife in their wilderness. A visit to Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park is an ultimate approach to witness the flora and fauna that adorn the country; in their natural habitat. The parks are the homeland of rare species like the One-horned Rhino, Bengal tiger, Bengal florican, Gharial crocodile and the list continues to include many more.  The perfect way to capture a glimpse of these magnificent rare species in their natural surroundings is the jungle safari on the back of an elephant or four-wheeled jeep.

Sky Diving


As the name suggests, it is indeed diving throughout the sky. As crazy as it sounds, a person needs the never-giving-up guts and courage to let go of all the natural and inner instincts that become a hindrance in making the jump. Quite easy Nah?? In other words, yes!! It’s easy but the real deal is a feat to achieve and not for the faint-hearted and acrophobic people.

This is why the skydiving experience is much mesmerizing than anywhere else in the world because it takes you to the top of the world; Mt. Everest, the highest elevation any human can stand on. Aka “Everest Skydive”, it is the world’s highest commercial event that leads to the freefall from 23,000 ft into the area sheltered by the colossal Everest Range. The adrenaline rush along with the elegant vistas of snow-capped peaks will make your experience divine that you never want to forget in your whole life.

The city of Pokhara in Nepal also offers skydiving from the elevation of 11,000-13,000ft; delivering you the topmost outlook of the Annapurna and the Machhapuchhre range. No prior experience is required for skydiving. The prerequisite extremely necessary is a heart as strong as of lion with the aspiration to conquer the endless blue sky.

Mountain Biking


Nepal comprises a diverse terrain that renders the ultimate experience of mountain biking that takes you across the most strenuous, challenging, and deadliest routes bestowing awe-inspiring and graceful vistas; that supposedly only heaven could provide.

Mountain Biking is categorized as an adventure sport and is well-celebrated in Nepal. Generally, the expedition heads to the mighty Himalayas from the ancient city of Kathmandu. Various options are available for mountain biking such as you can customize your route according to your preference, you can travel alone or tag with a group of your own. Also, you can get involved with the biking events that several biking clubs organize throughout the year. Mountain biking will take you on a journey that will require each ounce of your energy to peddle through the unsympathetic trails to reach the neighborhood of great mountains. Here, you’ll feel being rewarded for your efforts after submerging yourself into the unrivaled grace of Nature, varicolored hues, and the elegant outlook. This will imprint memories in the mind that you tend to remember forever.

Some of the other honorable mentions are the adventure activities such as Paragliding, Ultralight flight, Zip flyer, Honey hunting, Mountain flight, and Heli Tour.

Therefore, if you desire to fulfill your dreams and experience these galvanizing activities to forge some inspiring tales and experiences via conquering your fears; try Nepal!! The country along with its friendly residents and adventure activities it renders will never let you down!! Visit Nepal and try the adventure activities!! We, the Icicles Adventure Trek family are here to help you out with the expertise we hold!!

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