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How to avoid getting sick in Nepal?

  • 12-Apr-2019
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While visiting Nepal has its own excitement, the whole trip could be worsened by simple negligence in health. Firstly, you should be aware of the food you are eating. The beautifully displayed delicacies around the street vendors are tempting enough to drag you there, at least for a single bite. Although not in many cases, this is one of the many reasons why foreigners get sick during their stay in Nepal.

It is good to mention that over-exhaustion due to continuous travel can make you sick. So, it is always better to take rest if you think you need one; or else, your trip becomes a burden in itself. Skip the avoided section and the entertainment is on your hand.

Here are some of the tips on what to do and what not to do during your stay in Nepal. Go through each of these suggestions and warm the cockles of your heart (enjoy the trip).


What to eat?

Food is one of the many attractions of Nepal but jumping into whatever is displayed can be a bit of a worry. You must be aware of what to eat and what to avoid in Nepal because there are so many things you shouldn’t try despite its mouthwatering outlook.

  1. Never try the fruits that cannot be peeled.
  2. Be conscious of unpasteurized dairy products.
  3. Avoid the undercooked or raw meats (or non-veg items).
  4. Uncovered foods on display can be worrisome.
  5. Drinking tap water without filtering can lead to diarrhea.
  6. Don’t try the drinks, which is made by mixing powdered beverages with untreated water.
  7. Avoid anything raw or uncooked, if you are paranoid of the source.

These are just a few things that you need to keep your eye on. Down here, I will be mentioning few other tips on where to eat and how to eat.

Where to eat?

One of the safest places to eat in Nepal is there where there is a high turnover. Majority of these places have fresher produce, which means the offered food is healthy and germ-free.

Eat in standard restaurants and hotels. Although the food offered in these places are relatively expensive, the quality of the food is very much sound.

Rumors say not to eat street foods. But, not all of these vendors offer bad-quality foods; some of them, which are inside the major highways and crowded by the foodies, are generally one of the best places to enjoy the real taste of Nepal. However, before you move on, research about these places from locals.

How to eat?

Don’t eat anything without washing. Dal Bhaat is a staple diet and Nepalese are fond of eating with hands. If you feel like joining them, then wash your hands properly with soap and water to kill the germs; or, you may as wells use the hand sanitizer.

Avoid playing with the street dogs

A lot of street dogs, strolling around the alleys of Kathmandu, might seem adorable and you may get tempted to hug it. But, if you want to avoid infections, then avoid these dogs.

If, otherwise, you get bitten or scratched by these street dogs, then seek immediate vaccination against rabies.

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