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Everest Flight vs. Everest Heli Tour: Prime facts to be acquainted with!!!

  • 25-May-2018
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Soaring at an elevation of 8,848m above the sea level, the paramount Mt. Everest stuns the one observing its breathtaking outlook. Being one of the toughest mountain peaks to conquer around the globe; the mighty Everest proudly flaunts its snow-capped peak glittering at the daybreak, over the endless blue sky. Thousands of travellers, trekkers, adventure enthusiastic pay a visit to the enchanted Everest region for a glimpse and insight of the highest mountain summit and its Base Camp.  An expedition to the Mt. Everest renders the travel to never before seen landscapes and terrains and ensures the euphoria that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

But the questions arise, how to find the exotic ecstasy? Well, the Everest region is located inside the celebrated Khumbu region of Eastern Nepal. Visitors had to trek across miles of a rough and demanding Himalayan trail for numerous days, just to set foot on the base camp of Mt. Everest. However, at the present time, there are plenty of alternatives at one’s fingertips to look around this phenomenal place without confronting extreme Himalayan trail that ascends all the way up to the Everest Base Camp. Among them are the Everest flight and Everest Heli tour that bestows the ability to fly parallel to the Himalayas, including Everest. Every person who loves adventures knows that trekking is a most prominent way to experience the utter majesty of Mt. Everest. But for that, a heavy price has to be paid in the guise of the complications that your body is not prepared to tackle. Sheer will, acclimatization and absolute physical fitness are required to reach and return from the EBC on foot.

The helicopter flight will lead you to a close proximity of the Everest and comprises of landing either at the Everest Base Camp or Kala Patthar. Likewise, the Everest Mountain flight; either by plane or helicopter, predominantly befits those who possess limited time of stay and does not desire the hardship of trekking. Based on the various elements; here is the overall comparison of the Everest Flight vs. Everest Heli Tour.

Full length of the overall flight

The Helicopter jaunt usually utilizes about 3 to 5 hours that includes several stops comprising a swift stop for refuelling at Lukla Airport.  Excluding a stop at the Everest Base Camp beside the refuelling stop at Lukla; few Heli tour operators can manage Everest flights for an hour or so. Whereas, the Everest flight on an aeroplane is a non-stop one hour flight from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. The aircraft is generally a 20 to 30-seater turboprop with the ability to cruise at high altitudes featuring a full glass cockpit the enables to catch sight of mesmerizing Everest vistas. The flight takes off early morning commencing at 6 am.

Photographic Opportunities and Mountain outlook


If you are aiming to capture the splendid vistas that will just wow your friend and loved ones, then helicopters are the ultimate means for this purpose. Not only the ride will deliver an opportunity to observe the mountain panorama, but the helicopter also possesses the ability to land on the Everest base camp and nearby Kala Patthar where you can set your foot on, feel the atmosphere with snow and click pictures as your preference. The Himalayas with Everest provides an excellent backdrop for the images that you can capture and bring back home that will become the memories of the lifetime.

Evidently, all of this is not possible in an aeroplane. Optimum lighting conditions are not favourable inside a plane plus all you get is a peek through the window. The motion of the plane won’t allow the best shot from your camera while taking the photographs. Although you won’t be clicking any award-winning snaps, you will still have to bring home some clicks and convey your stories via your photos; therefore we recommend short lenses with a circular polarizer to take some best pictures during your aeroplane flight. One boon of the aeroplane flight is that you are permitted for a short time, inside the cockpit behind the pilot seat to get some awe-inspiring snaps quickly. Alongside you’ll get to observe the cockpit view of the alluring Himalayas with the Everest in its heart and feel what it’s like to become a pilot and fly up above the clouds.

Worth the hard-earned money

Speaking the truth, yes, it is worthy enough to spend your hard-earned money on. If you wish the visualizing the awe-inspiring Everest in the close proximity alongside a touchdown moment on the Everest region, the Heli tour entirely befits you. Also, the Heli tour furnishes you with the unsurpassed luxury of flying with few people on board supplemented with abundant time to gaze the jaw-dropping vistas around. To be fair, this all is not imaginable with a plane flight.

Nonetheless, if you are low on budget but still desire to have few close aerial outlooks of the entire Himalayan range with the Everest shining as its crown, then the Everest flight tour via an aeroplane is appropriate for you.

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