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Should I buy a Plug Adaptor in Nepal? Electrical voltage and frequency in Nepal

  • 12-Jun-2019
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Power strips may vary from one country or region to another. Generally, they are classified as type A, type B, type C, type D, type E, type F, type G, type H, type I, type J, type K, type L, type M, type N, and type O. In some cases, the power strips of the electrical devices, which you use, may match with the power outlets in the host country. If that is the case then, you don’t have to spend money on buying the Plug Adaptors.

However, there can be a voltage issue as well. If the electrical voltage of your country doesn’t match that of Nepal’s voltage then, you might look for a voltage converter also. Below, I have mentioned the tabulated list of Plug Adaptors used in Nepal and your country.

Chart showing the type of Plug Adaptors, Electrical Voltage and Frequency based on the standards of different countries in the world:

S.N. Country Type of Plug Adaptor Electrical Voltage Frequency
1) Australia I 230 V 50 Hz
2) Bulgaria C / F 230 V 50 Hz
3) Canada A / B 120 V 60 Hz
4) China A/ C / I 220 V 50 Hz
5) Denmark C / E / F / K 230 V 50 Hz
6) Finland C / F 230 V 50 Hz
7) France C / E 230 V 50 Hz
8) Germany C / F 230 V 50 Hz
9) India C / D / M 230 V 50 Hz
10) Indonesia C / F 230 V 50 Hz
11) Japan A / B 100 V 50 / 60 Hz
12) Nepal C / D / M 230 V 50 Hz
13) New Zealand I 230 V 50 Hz
14) Norway C / F 230 V 50 Hz
15) South Africa C / N / M 230 V 50 Hz
16) Spain C / F 230 V 50 Hz
17) Sweden C / F 230 V 50 Hz
18) United Kingdom (UK) or Britain G 230 V 50 Hz
19) United States of America (USA) A / B 120 V 60 Hz


How to check my devices’ electrical configurations?

On the back of your charger or laptop or any other device, there is a label showing the voltage and frequency compatible with that device. Check whether your device doesn’t spur problems in high voltage conditions.

Most modern-day appliances are built to manage the voltage and frequency in themselves. In such devices, the label on the back of the device shows something like “AC 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 1.7 A”. At such electrical appliances, you don’t have to worry about the converters.

Where to buy a universal plug Adaptor, voltage converter, and frequency converter?


We generally recommend you to buy these adaptors from Amazon where there is a great collection of adaptors.

If you are from the United States of America (USA), Canada, or Japan then, you might as well need a voltage converter. At Amazon, you can find a combo device that works both as a universal plug adaptor and voltage converter.

Plus, if the frequency of the AC in Nepal doesn’t match with that of your device then, you will need a frequency converter as well. All this is available at Amazon.

In case you forgot to buy these converters in your country then, no worries. The stalls at the airport have enough adaptors, voltage converters, and frequency controllers at the sale (the price at the airport can be a bit high than the regular price). Also, upon arriving in Nepal, you may ask your travel company to help you with buying these appliances.

This may not be a big deal.

The electrical situation in Nepal

Nepal now does not face any load-shedding problems as it has sufficient electricity. Even in the rural parts of Nepal, the government is trying to facilitate electricity. Only some parts of your trekking destinations use solar energy or primitive styled lamps for light in the evening.

Can I charge my phone or laptop in the mountains?

It depends. In the developed routes of Everest, Annapurna, Makalu, and many other peaks, there is electricity available. You can charge your devices with extra pay of around $4 (keeps changing).

But, at the rarely visited sites, it is literally impossible to get the supply of electricity.

Tips to stay on the safe side

  • For European travelers visiting Nepal, a universal adaptor is a must. They do not need to purchase the voltage converter or any supplement devices.
  • Buy enough electricity backup devices to stay tuned with your devices.
  • Before taking any action, check the back of your devices to know whether they are compatible with other voltages.

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