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Festival of Chhath Parva in Nepal

Festival of Chhath Parva in Nepal
  • 17-Nov-2015
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Chhath is another major festival in Nepal after Dashain and Tihar celebrated mainly by natives of Terai region. Chhath is also commonly known as Chhath parva by the locals which is devoted towards god of Sun or ‘Surya dev’ in Nepali. This festival is celebrated with great religious point of view in worshipping and thanksgiving to Sun for his blessings to living beings on earth.

We observe Chhath Parva for total of four days from Kartik Shukla Chaturhi(4th day according to lunar calendar) to Kartik Chukla Saptami (7th day), in which 6th or Chhath day being the most important one. Chhath comes after a week of completion of Tihar festival that usually lies in the months of October/November. People worship sun to ensure the prosperity of family members, friends and beloved ones. Sun is believed to be a token of stability and prosperity. Sun is considered as source of healing too. Devotees worship the setting sun which is the most important ritual of Chhath Parva. People sing cultural folk songs, special programs are being held at corner of streets, major ponds, lake and river shores are crowded and the festival is celebrated with full charm and enthusiasim.In this way Chhath is celebrated with great passion and devotion in Nepal.

During these festival dates of Dashain, Tihar and Chhath, many tourists visit Nepal for holidays as it lies on peak season of autumn when the skies are clear and weather is just perfect to embark on Nepal adventures. Also visiting Nepal during this time would be wonderful opportunity to get insights into Nepal’s festivals, cultures, traditions and a way of life.

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