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Footwear Tips For Treks in Nepal: Quality Footwear is Essential

  • 10-Apr-2015
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Trekking is the ultimate adventure that tests your stamina, ability to walk over rugged trails over Nepal Himalayas. And remember that footwear is an essential factor to be considered while walking across foothills; after all, it comes all over to your feet. Therefore you must be very careful while selecting the right footwear. Invest in good quality, lightweight, hard lug-cleated sole, waterproof hiking boots with ankle support for better comfort and durability.

It is not necessarily to buy two pair of hiking boots, as it adds weight and may never come in use. But if you have a porter carrying your goods then carrying one extra pair will keep you on the safer side. You can buy every type, size, and quality footwear along with other trekking gear around many shops at Thamel or Pokhara. In Nepal, all of the trekking gears including footwears are available for hire. Usually, you will be charged 1 to 3 US dollars per day for hiking boots. If you find good boots on your home tome then probably it's a better idea to put on those and be comfortable with them. While selecting the footwear, ensure that it is of a good brand and original one. You don’t want your shoes damaged or a big wound on your foot by compromising on cost and quality. Some genuine outlets even offer a warranty on the product so that if it troubles you during the trek you can return it for another one. I have heard that REI products have good products with such offers. There are plenty more. And while selecting the footwear, don’t miss out on socks. It is recommended that you get three pairs of thick and two pairs of thin socks. Nylon and wool blended socks are recommended for quick moisture absorption.

While buying any of your trekking gears including footwear at Kathmandu don’t be afraid to bargain for a low price. For example, if one boot is priced at 200 dollars bring the price at least 1/3rd down. And get it at equilibrium point from there. 150 dollars would be a great deal. And remember, Thamel is a small area full of packed with trekking gear outlets. So, visit as many as you can to get to know the market price and crack the best deal on the product of your choice. Another point to be noted while buying goods in Kathmandu is that shopkeeper might charge you higher for the piece that you selected. So, ask the price of other similar brands or items first. It is a physiological thing to do but if it saves your money then why not. The main thing is you must get the best product at a low price for making your trip unforgettable adventurous journey around Nepal Himalayas.

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