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Best time for Everest Base Camp trek

  • 03-Jul-2016
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Generally, the months of March to May and Late August to September are  Everest Base Camp Trek's best time of the year. During these months, mostly the days are clear that offers great views of Mt. Everest with, you will have an excellent opportunity to capture a stunning panorama of the great Himalayas during both day and night(star trails at the Himalayas).

Whereas, the months of June and July are rainy seasons in Nepal with huge black clouds in the sky obstructing the view with fewer chances of clear Himalayan views. On the other hand, during the months from December to February, it's cold out there with high chances of snowing that blocks the routes. However, offseasons are best regarded as keen botanists and natural explorers.

Best Seasons

Spring Season: From Early March to Late May

Early March to Late May is a peak season or Everest base camp trek best time of year because of the warm sunny days just appearing out of winter. There may be occasionally, winter rain but most days will be dry with clear views. As this is the best time of the year for the Everest base camp trek, there will be more crowd on the trails. It is also the Everest expedition season, so, you get an opportunity to meet the mountaineers who will be attempting to climb Everest. This spring season also allows you to trek through blossoming rhododendron trees that adds as a major highlight of the trip.

Autumn Season:  From Late August to Early November

From Late August to Early November is also the Everest Base Camp Trek's best time of year as it offers trekkers with clear views of snow-capped mountains. Even though it is not the warmest season, these times offer splendid temperature and surroundings with a great time even during the night which wouldn’t be freezing like in winter. As it is the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek, expect a lot of visitors during this time. Get the best trekking experience during the best seasons for EBC.

Off Seasons


Winter Season: From November to January

From November to January, the temperate is very cold at higher altitudes. And it is also the coldest time in Nepal. However for adventure enthusiasts out there, the weather usually remains dry, so if you can digest the cold, then you can surely join EBC during these months too with extra layers of thermal clothes and outfits. There will be less crowded during these times.

Monsoon Season: During the months from June to August

The months from June to August are monsoon time and it is the wettest period in Nepal. The clouds forming from the Indian Ocean strikes sharp rain and you will be most likely to be drenched in rain. Not many foreign trekkers hike during the monsoon period as mud, rain, leeches, and, most importantly, lack of mountain views, but most hikers off. Although not the best time to trek in Everest, it is high time for rain shadow area trekking trips like the Upper Mustang trek.

Our Suggestions

As it is always possible to trek in Nepal, the best time to trek for Everest Base Camp is during the spring and autumn seasons as the days are clear and warm with stunning views of the Himalayas. If you prefer to visit off-the-beaten adventure at Everest or a less crowded one than EBC, then, we would like you to have a look at Gokyo Lakes and Gokyo Ri trek.

Most of the trekking companies in Nepal won’t operate Everest base camp treks during low seasons and it would be certainly unfair for travelers like you. So, at Icicles, we can do arrange private departures and fixed departures even during the off-seasons. Plan for Everest Base Camp Trek during any season and visit at the time that best suits you. An in-depth weather forecast of Nepal is given here.

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