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Trekking is Fun, Lets Go For Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is Fun
  • 16-Sep-2015
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Trekking is also the way of learning good things, seeing great things and experiencing some greatest things that makes us happy like never before. Trekking journeys in Nepal, may it be base camp at foot of highest Himalayas at alluring altitudes, or simply couple of thousand meters at magical viewpoint; wherever you travel, you will surely enjoy with your heart. It is well said that ‘if the world is book, then those who don’t travel read only one page’. Well read the chapter called Nepal in that book and you will surely love it.

The most beautiful and rewarding feeling is that when we get after visiting new places. Traveling is something that everyone loves. And it is also well said that ‘If traveling was free, you would never see me again’. While travelling around new places, we get wonderful opportunity to learn, explore and discover diversity in nature, culture and places. Among numerous travel destinations, Nepal has been successfully able to introduce itself as best destination of trekking and tours. Why it shouldn’t be? After all, Nepal is naturally blessed and culturally rich in immense passion. From popular Everest and Annapurna to hundreds of other trekking options, there is something in store for every travel enthusiasts regardless their age and fitness level.

Nearly 0.8 million tourists visit Nepal on annual basis and purpose of visit for 80% of them has been for tours and trekking. It shows that there are so many adventure lovers and travelers out there in the world admiring natural beauty of Nepal. Though after recent April earthquake, there has been significant decrease in number of incoming travelers, it is anticipated scenario will be better than normal in near future. Many foreign countries restricted and warned their citizens visit Nepal at their own risk, but the ground reality is that it is absolutely safe to visit Nepal now without any such risks. Nepal is in rebuilding state and this is the time when actually you should visit Nepal and support local communities. Tourism is the main source of national income that directly goes to beneficiaries without any corruption involved. Visiting Nepal now will surely put some Neosporin (healing antiseptic cream) on the wounds of earthquake that has brought us to Nepalese.

The only Tribhuwan International Airport and many other domestic airports, hotels and tea houses, communication, transportation are in operation. Only 10 out of 75 districts and 1 out of 10 national parks were affected. Only world heritage sites around Kathmandu valley received damage and it is absolutely safe to visit these sites now as there are safe tours lanes distinctly notified to avoid accidents where rebuilding works are carried on. And if you have visited Nepal before, then you will see new face of Kathmandu world heritage sites this time and in better shape after reconstruction.

You can visit and support Nepal to rise again. Community trekking tourism needs to be promoted. We should not always choose pure comfort and luxury. Let’s visit Nepal and help those who really need help. Instead of celebrating money game at Casinos, let’s explore new villages and help people in the way we can. Being generous isn’t always about altruism. It provides us with ultimate happiness beyond comparison. Every penny that we spend can be a blessing to the victims. So Trekking is Fun and Rewarding Experience, Lets Go For Trekking in Nepal.

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