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Everest Base Camp Trek in July and August

  • 13-May-2016
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Everest Base Camp Trek is the dream destination for every trekker and backpacker around the world. At one point or other you too may have dreamt of summiting the Everest peak or in another case you may have thought of trekking to the vicinity of Everest Base Camp, haven’t you? What if you have your vacation in July and August and you have prepared yourself to trek for Everest Base Camp? Is trekking to Everest Base Camp possible for you in July and August? Let’s find out.

Some issues are there

You may hear mixed opinions if you post your query regarding the trekking to Everest Base Camp in June August. After you trek you may find some of the opinions less useful, depending on the actual weather during your trek. However, there are some issues, in general, which may have a considerable impact on your ease of trekking in the Everest region. These regions prevent your trekking experience from becoming of equal ease as in the peak season.

The rainfall is the most prominent factor that makes your trekking in these months less exciting. Though you don’t have incessant rainfall during the day you still have rainfall for more than a couple of hours in the trekking trails.  Due to this, the trekking trails become muddy and you may have attacks of leech on the way. However, the rainfall decreases as the altitude increase which makes trekking easier as you move up.

Another issue that troubles trekkers are the obstructed view of the mountains en route. You may have to wait for a longer period of time to have beautiful views of the Himalayas. This is frustrating for trekkers who cherish the glorious and enchanting beauty of the Himalayas and trek solely for that purpose. Adding to the frustration is the frequent delay and cancellation of the flights due to the bad weather. Then, this trek isn’t at all feasible? Not really.

It’s Possible (Conditions applied, of course)

When you are really determined to trek to Everest Base Camp in July/August, you are of course determined to tackle the issues that come along your way. But you don’t need to be in a pessimistic mode for trekking to Everest Base Camp in these months.

Consider some of the silver linings amongst the clouds hovering above your trekking plan. Here are some reasons to be hopeful for trekking in these months:

  • You may have less precipitation than expected and the rainfall are usually sharp and short
  • The teahouses and trekking trails are less crowded
  • You can enjoy the greenery of hills and valleys, dense forests at their best, alpine flowers and alpine meadows as well as agricultural activities at lower altitudes.
  • You may also have occasional mountain views

To reap the benefit in these months you need to do the following preparations on your part. Set aside some days for contingencies caused by the delay of flight due to the bad weather. Pack waterproof jackets and trekking boots for ease in trekking. Carry with you some medicines for safety against water contamination.

Consult with the trekking company through which you are going for the trek in these months and enjoy the enchanting Everest region in July and August. Enjoy the other side of the mesmerizing region and make the dream of trekking in the famed Everest region a possibility. Have happy trekking, fellas!

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