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Female Trekking guides in Nepal

  • 26-Apr-2017
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“The world is yours to explore so come and enjoy trekking in Nepal.”

Look, we all know that feeling which any Solo Female Trekker can experience while traveling to some faraway nation like Nepal. The safety of their well-being is a major concern and so many of them have to be accompanied by an expert trekking guide who can navigate their entire trek route while making it easier for them to complete the entire trip. But being a solo female trekker, you would want to have an assisted trek with a “Female Trekking Guide” rather than a male trekking guide. The main reason behind it is that you can freely enjoy the trek without any discomfort from an unknown male walking beside you during your entire trek.

Not only for group treks or a solo trekker, but it is also general advice to all of the foreign trekkers who have come to Nepal for trekking that assistance of a guide is a prior necessity always. To start the discussion, I would say that carrying out a solo trek in Nepal can be a major issue in Nepal since many of the available trek routes are inaccessible using transport such as a road or an airport. The trekking routes can be hard to navigate through as there are places where the whole route will not consist of any towns and villages or even people to ask for directions. Hence, a major problem for solo female trekkers will be to not get lost or get hurt. In such cases, having a guide will be an added advantage that can increase the chances of completing the trek with fewer difficulties.

The necessity of a Female Trekking Guide even sounds morally positive for solo female trekkers. There can come some situations where only the support and care from a female trekking guide can help comfort the female trekkers. An experienced female trekking guide with an incredible sense of persistence can be handy for trekkers to stop worrying and enjoy their trip to the fullest. In Nepal, generally female guides aren’t seen as much as their counterpart but that doesn’t mean that they are any less capable. The times are changing and so is the customary tradition of only men being the guide during a trek in the Himalayan nation as nowadays several female guides can be seen popping up in the trekking fields which is a good sign that female participation in the tourism field is increasing.

Before trekkers used to go on treks where the guide will undoubtedly be a male person. The tourism sector preferred male participation rather than female’s so even if a trekker who is a female will certainly need to go on a trek with a male guide assisting her. Sometimes due to those kinds of circumstances, female trekkers get accompanied by guides with wrong personal thinking’s which cause them discomfort during their trek. Due to which their entire prospect of having an enjoyable trek in Nepal goes horribly wrong.

For that exact reason, nowadays people mostly who are female, decide on trekking in Nepal with female trekking guides. And it also helps the overall condition of females in a different part of Nepal by providing them good quality employment opportunities just like their male counterparts. In that sense, it helps to empower women and their involvement in the country’s developing economy and make them variably independent to help them proceed further in their life.

Feel free and go for some adventurous trekking in Nepal along with some incredibly skilled expert Female Trekking Guides accompanying you this year.




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