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Trekking in Nepal in the monsoon season

  • 13-May-2016
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For people who are fond of rain: the sound of raindrops, the fresh smell of mud immediately after rainfall, and the greenery due to rainfall all seem to be enchanting. And if you are an explorer you will just love the monsoon season in Nepal. You are seeking reasons for loving monsoon in Nepal? Many are there: from the greenery of lush hills and valleys, freshness of the forest with wider varieties of flora and fauna, and the delicious dumpling of momo whose soup tastes better and mouthwatering in monsoon season. Talking about Nepal treks and tours, you may hear others avoiding their trip in Monsoon season. Don’t listen to others; Nepal still has plenty of trekking options suitable for the rainy season. After all, it doesn’t rain cat-and-dog all day, even if it’s a rainy season, does it?

But why do monsoons cause problems for trekkers?

Actually, the ‘problem’ depends on how you perceive things as a trekker. The main difficulties trekkers experience are:

  • Muddy trails (the trails in remote areas are not well paved leading to muddy trekking trails)
  • Leeches
  • Plenty of rainfall causing slippery trails and thereby difficulty in trekking
  • Obstructed views (all thanks to the clouds!)
  • Risk of flood and landslides

There are some Silver Linings as well!
On a positive note, you have some blessings in disguise. Agricultural activities, lush vegetation, and cooler environment, and quaint trekking trails are the attractions for trekkers. But, are there any viable and interesting trekking trails for trekkers in the monsoon? Yes, there are.

Trek options in Monsoon

Monsoon is considered an Off-season for adventure travels in Nepal by many trekkers. But you still have some trekking destinations where you can avoid the problems described above. The trekking trails situated in the Trans-Himalayan region and rain-shadow areas are the popular trekking destinations for trekking in monsoon in Nepal.
While you prepare for trekking in the monsoon in Nepal we have some trekking options recommended for you.

Upper Mustang Trek

You are into one of the picturesque trekking trails in the monsoon season in Nepal. Once an independent Kingdom and later annexed into the territory of Nepal, Upper Mustang is one of the restricted trekking destinations in Nepal requiring a special permit and a trekking guide. Solo trekking cannot be done for this destination. Inhabited predominantly by the followers of Buddhism who were once the followers of Bon religion, Upper Mustang has dry terrain. During the monsoon season, you shall have decreased level of rivers in the region including the holy and mighty Kali Gandaki River. This shall ease out the commuting farther into the region. You can explore the caves, arid yet stunning landscape in this mysterious land, in Nepal.

Upper Dolpo Trek

This trekking destination takes you to the region that is mostly inhabited by the followers of the Bon religion, followed by Buddhism and Hinduism. The terrain, culture, and traditions followed by the locals are more close to the Tibetan community across the Himalayas. The trekking trail party lies in the Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest National park in Nepal and the only sanctuary falling in the trans-Himalaya region. The beauty of this region is unparalleled to other trekking destinations. Being in the rain shadow region, Upper Dolpo doesn’t have continuous rainfall. Trek here for unique culture, landscape, scenery, and biodiversity.

Jomsom-Muktinath Trek

This trekking destination is more popular as the holy trekking trail suitable in the monsoon season in Nepal. One of the prominent highlights in the Annapurna Circuit Trek in the other season, Muktinath attracts both the Hindu and Buddhists alike, not only for trekking purposes but also for pilgrimage to their deity. You may embark on a spiritual or an adventurous trek to this region which remains dry throughout the year, except the winter when the region is covered by snow. Besides the holy Muktinath Temple, Kagbeni is the other popularly traveled destination in this region.

Any other trekking destinations?

Besides the above-mentioned trekking destinations, you can go to other trekking destinations in the monsoon season. Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking in the Annapurna region, Manaslu Circuit in the Manaslu region are some of the other trekking destinations that you can go for during the monsoon season in Nepal. Though other regions are also possible for trekking, it is not advised that you go for other regions without weighing the pros and cons.

So, don’t hesitate to trek even if the season is monsoon. Get the experience of the unique culture and lifestyle, lush and arid landscape, and diversity of communities in the monsoon trekking in various destinations of Nepal. Pack your bags and go for them. Happy Trekking guys!

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