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Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

  • 15-Jul-2016
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Are you planning for adventurous trekking all the way to Everest base camp and wondering how much this trek cost? Well, there are many variables determining the cost of trip and saying that EBC costs exactly this much is quite difficult. Therefore, coming into any sort of conclusion, let’s discuss about various determining factors of Everest base camp trek cost. They are:

1. How long is your trek going to be?

If you are experienced hiker and have been to high altitudes before with tight physique, then the Everest base camp trek can be completed in 14 days, our standard EBC trek is 16 days and slower paced ones for kids and elderly can be completed in 20 days. As the number of days varies, total base camp trek cost also differs from approx USD 1290 to USD 1790. In the similar way, classic 20 days Jiri to EBC costs nearly USD 1700. Therefore, we can conclude that the increase in trekking days refers to increase in cost.

2. In which season (month) you are planning to go for this trek?

Season or weather also affects the overall base camp trek cost. If you are planning to join during cool and clear beautiful spring/ autumn, the cost will be competitive at its peak, whereas during the moist monsoon and winters, relatively, the trails are less crowded and EBC cost might be lesser.

3. From where and whom are you booking your trek?

One thing we would like to recommend you is that always choose local trekking company as your travel partner wherever you travel. And same case in EBC, If you are with local trekking company then you will be making direct impact in local economy prosper. You money will be used in paying local staffs. Whereas international companies will simply be middle man and of course the cost will be much higher. Therefore, choosing local trekking company is not only financially beneficial, it is also a way to give something back to local communities.

And while choosing the trekking company, never focus only on cheap cost, always be aware what is included and excluded in price, services, permits, flights, meals and accommodations with guide, porter fees along with their insurance. Point to be noted is that the cheapest is not always the good deal.  If you have still any more inquiries on Everest base camp trek cost; then let us know, we are flexible in arranging the trip that suits your budget. Contact us now.

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