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Everest Base Camp Trek Training

  • 03-May-2016
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You think of going for the Everest Base Camp Trek, you share it with your friends and relatives and in the meantime one of your friends ask you how will you get trained for the trek? You have nothing in mind? Not to worry fellow trekkers, here is some help for you. Besides consulting with a professional fitness trainer, first have some knowledge on the basics of training for trek to Everest Base Camp.

Aspects of physical training for Everest Base Camp Trek
When you think of getting trained for the purpose of trekking to the Everest Base camp area, you need to know that physical training can be approached from four dimensions:

a) Cardiovascular Conditioning

This includes the activities of running, walking on steep or inclined terrain or treadmill, walking up and downhill, taking some aerobic classes, or similar other activities. In taking such training make sure that the training you receive is close to the activity that you will be performing during Everest Base Camp trek. The cardiovascular training you take must include those activities that reflect the carrying of backpack and has spinal-loading element in it. While you take such training make sure that your exercise is consistent. Work out with good mix of exercises that has high intensity, moderate intensity and stretching of muscles. Develop strengths in your upper back and lower back, calves, hips and other regions as per the advise by the professional trainer.

b) Strength Conditioning

This includes the training primarily with getting functional and trekking specific strength, basically with free weights. This requires you balancing your weights as you would balance your own body with a pack. Include the full body strength workouts with compound exercises including squats, bench presses, step-ups, dips, rows and others. Get your focus shifted from the building strength, building endurance and increasing stamina.

c) Trekking Conditioning

This includes the exercise like hike in the steep outdoor trails with packs in your back until you are at your target goal. A good training option for pack weight is to carry water gallons or collapsible jugs and so on. Keep adding the weights as you increase your strength to carry more and more weights.

d) Mental Conditioning

Include the part of increasing the mental endurance in your trekking experience. This shall basically include the visualization where you can undergo a simulation exercise that reflects the actual Everest expedition.
Include these in your training to better the chances of success in your Everest base camp trek.

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