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Grandest Festival of Vijaya Dashami in Nepal

Happy Vijaya Dashami
  • 19-Oct-2015
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Vijaya Dashami or Dashain is the grandest festival in Nepal that comes every year with feeling of joy and happiness among all Nepalese. Dashain festival is celebrated for 10 days. First day is called ghathasthapana and 10th and final one is called Vijaya Dashami. During these days, goddess Durga is worshipped, cards games is being played, kites brings happiness among the children and youths. Major day of Dashain is 10th day which is also called tika. In this day, family members reunite, younger ones receives tika along with blessings from their elders. The day is celebrated in a great way.

Dashain also comes along with autumn season which is the best time to visit Nepal. Weather is usually clear with pristine views of snow capped Himalayas. Days are warmer and nights are chilly. Large number of travel lovers from all around the world visit Nepal during this time. They enjoy trekking around foothills of Himalayas and return with the lifetime of memories. Due to April earthquake and political instability, numbers of international tourists have declined this year compared to previous ones. But as the factual positive message of Nepal being safe for trekking and tours has been delivered, we can see the positive sign in bringing tourism sector being better than before.

Let's hope this grand festival of Dashain brings lots of positivity in all of our lives with blessings from Lord Durga to face the challenges put in-front of us. And let’s support Nepal through tourism. Happy Dashain from Icicles Adventure Team!

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