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How to select a trekking agency for your Everest Base Camp Trek?

  • 18-Jul-2016
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As you decide to embark on Everest Base Camp Trek, first and foremost, decide on your requirements for the trek in Everest. Budget, level of physical fitness, ecological choices, and outcome that you desire out of this trek may be some prominent factors. After finalizing these factors, you are now set to select a trekking operator that provides packages to fit in or are close to your requirements.

Now that you are ready to select a trekking agency for your trek, we have some suggestions that you would like to give attention to. Consider the following factors in this regard, which are few prominent ones among many others that you may deem to be important:

1. Local-based or foreign-based:

For explorers opting for a trek in the Everest region, it is generally advisable to go for a locally based trekking agency. The most important reason is that such companies have the involvement of indigenous people who are well known about the geography, culture, tradition, values, norms, and the dos and don’ts during the expedition. This also means ensuring that these people are fairly compensated and not exploited. Through a local company, your money spent goes into the hands of locals, thereby enhancing their living standard.

2. Experienced and trained Trekking Team including guides, Sherpa, and porters:

As a trekker, you shall often need the assistance of your trekking team. On days when you are trekking above 3000m in your Everest Base Camp Trek, you have chances of getting caught by altitude sickness. Experienced trekking team shall maintain a perfect balance of speed and rest during the trek so that you are properly acclimatized. In case of emergency, promptness, presence of mind, and experience of trekking team are vital before you are taken to a sophisticated hospital for further treatment if you need any. An experienced team can very well anticipate your requirement and understand your need.

3. Good treatment of trekking staffs:

When it comes to deciding on a trekking agency, this measures a trekking company to its core ethics and professionalism. Some trekking agencies don’t provide proper food and lodging, equipment and gear, insurance facilities, sufficient salary and wages to their trekking staff including guides. We advise you to select the trekking agency that treats their staff fairly, compensates them adequately, and refrains from exploiting them. By selecting a company with a high ethical standard you are promoting fair and professional trekking service for yourself and other fellow trekkers.

4. Concern for sustainability:

When you select your trekking agency, make sure that it keeps environmental sustainability in mind. For example, a company that encourages the use of local water after proper treatment is more conscious about environmental protection and sustainability than a company encouraging bottled water, the disposal of such plastic bottles creates a negative impact on the environment. By considering this factor you are contributing to a better trekking experience of your own and other fellow adventurers besides the locals who provide a warm welcome to you.

5. Gears provided:

While you are in Nepal trekking to Everest Base Camp find out what your trekking agency provides you regarding gear. Duffel bags with a decent carrying capacity, sleeping bags, and medical kits are some gears generally offered to trekkers. This shall help you decide on what to bring with you or what to buy during the trek besides calculating whether the charge levied to you is worth the service provided.

5. Type of lodging:

This may be another factor influencing your choice of trekking agency for your EBC Trek. Try finding out whether trekking agency selects the teahouse of some locals rather than relatively luxurious hotels owned by some affluent owners based elsewhere in Nepal, especially Kathmandu. By selecting teahouse of locals you are supporting the local economy and getting the advantage of cultural exchange with the locals, as well as an insight into indigenous culture. Lodging of the teahouse selected by the agency and other facilities that you will be getting in terms of lodging during the Everest Base Camp Trek is another factor you would like to ponder upon before selecting a trekking agency.

In short, we think you won’t mind choosing a trekking agency that focuses on acclimatization, medical emergencies and their prevention, experienced and reputed team, good treatment of their staffs, and the best possible lodging and food during the trek. Match your requirements with the packages offered and other fundamentals of trekking agency before going for your exclusive trip to Everest Base Camp. Choose your trekking agency well and enjoy your trek!

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