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Trek during Festivals in Nepal: The festive season is underway

  • 25-Aug-2015
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Visiting Nepal for trekking around the Himalayas? Then join your trekking holiday in Nepal during the upcoming festive season. As autumn, the main trekking season is knocking at a door; many festivals are also coming all the way. Along with sightseeing around Kathmandu valley, which every trekking would have in an itinerary, you will also get the chance to celebrate the festivals with locals and have more than what exactly a certain trip has to offer. Not only around Kathmandu but these colorful festivals are also celebrated with great passion all over Nepal.

Nepal being hit by a deadly earthquake last April, at present context, the nation is in recovering state. And tourism plays a major role in recovery. If you love traveling, trekking, adventures, Himalayas, landscapes, and get involve in festivals, then plan your trekking in Nepal holiday during these festive dates.

  1. Indra Jatra: Festival when Kathmandu comes alive (2015 Dates: 22 to 29 September)

    Indra Jatra is the most happening festival in the capital city of Kathmandu. For a week, it seems like the whole city has come alive celebrating full of joy and enthusiasm. There will be three chariot processions of Lord Ganesha, living goddesses Kumari and Bhairav along with an army march pass locally called “Guru ko Paltan”. Masked god “Lakhe” and white elephant god “Pulukishi” will also roam around the city in front of chariots. The festival is inaugurated by the head of the nation from Kathmandu Durbar Square. This year earthquake has damaged most of the heritage buildings around durbar square so, let’s see how the celebration is carried out this year. It will be fun and exciting and an element of curiosity.

  2. Dashain: The festival of festivals, Mega festival in Nepal (2015 Dates: 14 to 27 October)

    Dashain brings happiness to Nepalese people from child to grownups as it marks the largest holiday for 15 days straight on a calendar. During these holidays, people visit their family homes, meet their loved ones, accept blessings from elders and have fun with friends, brothers, and sisters. During Dashain, Lord Durga is worshipped and you can get religious as well as cultural special insights during these days. Also, it is said that you must leave both feet on air during Dashain so, bamboo swings are erected all over the nation which you must try. Hustle bustle in Kathmandu gets cleared during these dates and you will also enjoy visiting sites in a more relaxed and comfortable way.

  3. Tihar: The festival of Lights, Crows, Dogs, Brothers, Cows and Goddess Laxmi (2015 Dates: 9 to 13 November)

    Tihar is celebrated just after few days of Dashain. Trekking in Nepal during Tihar will offer you view more lights, more brightness, more happiness, and a more rewarding experience. This is a five-day festival and each day has its own special importance. You would rarely see anywhere else worshipping your pet dog. In a similar way to crows and cows. It happens only in Nepal. Tihar is a major festival in Nepal that you should not absolutely miss.

    There are many other festivals celebrated in Nepal that we will surely discuss in our next posts. For now, we recommend you visit during festivals and make your holiday in Nepal extra special.

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