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How To Trek Safely En Route Nepal Himalayas?

  • 19-Jun-2017
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Safety always should be your number one priority while traveling anywhere around. In the same manner; besides enjoyment and adventure, being safe is what we must be aware of while hiking in Nepal. So, let us see how to trek safely around foothills of Nepal Himalayas.

Get accompanied first:

Trekking with someone we know makes us feel happy and safe; so it is recommended to do so. It would not be bigger concern if you are with your friends or family; but even if you are travelling alone, having a company of professional trekking guide is highly recommended. You will get a helping hand in every step on trekking route. From simply offering you a bottle of water, dry fruits, chocolates to helping you in carrying your load if in case ankle sprain or altitude sickness issues.

Inform your plans to people:

Imagine you lost your way on route and nobody knows where you are. Okay stop imagining! These things happens usually due to our unawareness in simple things like informing our travel plans to people we know back home and to people we meet en route. You might not get lost on trails, but if your tea house owner knows where you are from and where you are heading next, chances of finding you increase drastically.

Stick to high side on route:

Walk on narrow trek route must be careful one with all our senses open and attentive. Watch your steps forward; keep your ears open to ringing bells on neck of passing animal. Whenever you see a Yak, mule or any other animal passing on the same route you are in, always take a step side on high side to avoid collision and fall down. You need to be more careful and attentive when such animals carrying loads passes you via same direction. You can take a picture but never try to touch them of behave anything silly.

Get weather updates:

Clear sunny morning can change into cloudy afternoon in few hours. Snowfall is common during autumn and winter months from October to December. You must have read news from 2014 that 20 trekkers lost their lives while crossing Thorong La pass during heavy snowfall. Therefore, be attentive on recent weather updates. Always stay safe on your tea house if weather is bad. And follow your trekking guide as he will be in contact with much more local contacts to get regular weather and safety updates.

Well prepare passing high passes:

Extra precautions must be taken while we trek through higher altitudes, passing high passes. Higher elevations make us more prone to altitude sickness, more chances of avalanches, landslides and rock falls. Therefore, always drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and safe from altitude headaches, keep an eye on trails whether if there is any rock falls, landslides and trail blockades. In such cases, always follow instructions of your trekking guide either to head forward, stop there or move backward.

Beware of fire hazards:

Almost all of the teahouses in mountains are built with more of wooden materials and stones. Wooden dining hall, wooden rooms, wooden floor, wooden staircase and wooden ceiling; wooden wooden everywhere. Strictly, you will not be allowed to and never smoke inside teahouse. Always keep entry and exit doors in mind. And in worst case scenario, don’t wait to ask teahouse owner either to break the window and jump outside for safety. However there is very less chances of fire hazards.

Tackle natural disasters sensibly:

Natural disasters are contingency situations that we have no control upon. However taking sensible steps can be a life saving. Earthquake or sudden snow avalanche can’t be predicted, but we must always be updated with news, be aware that if anyone is returning from trails ahead of us. Try to stay in one group together as possible. It helps rescue operation. In case of landslides, it happens more often during monsoon season, so extra cautiousness is required.

Therefore, these are few tips on how to trek safely en route Nepal Himalayas. If you have any other extra piece of tips, information or experience, then love to hear from you. Comment on box below.

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