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Google joined Nepal in its 10th Republic Day Celebration

  • 29-May-2017
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“Republic Day; the day when people of Nepal got their self-governing power back from the monarchy rule.”

It was 2017 and everybody knew and heard about Google in some way or the other. Being one of the most influential tech companies in the world, Google has become the go-to place for the latest trends, news, and events around the globe. And Google usually tends to do so by creating a doodle that reflects the significance and meaning of that particular day or event. Having said that, today the search giant’s doodle has marked the celebration of Nepal’s tenth Republic Day which serves as the day when Nepal ended its decade-long civil war and became a Federal Democratic Republic nation on May 28, 2008.

Google in doing so has managed to showcase the importance of Nepal’s Republic Day with an animated visualization of the official flag of Nepal fluttering in the air. This day is highly recognized by the government of Nepal as it declares a public holiday in the name of celebrating the nation’s Republic Day each year. With the end of the 240-year-old monarchy and concluding the fatal dispute of civil war, Republic Day holds a true patriotic feeling which makes it one of the most regarded days of Nepal. Even though this day is widely celebrated by Nepalese all over the world, the capital city of Nepal is known to celebrate this day very proficiently and prosperously. On this day, the Sainik Manch located in Tudikhel of Kathmandu becomes a place of mass celebration where parades and other huge events are held. This celebration will be celebrated in the company of the President of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari, Vice-president Nanda Bahadur Pun, Prime Minister Dahal along with other top government officials and the Nepalese people.

Since the devastating earthquake that occurred in 2015, Nepal has struggled a lot but it also has garnered a lot of love from various nations in the world which made its recovery a whole lot easier. To heal from the past disasters, we all Nepalese people, on this day presume the thought of nationality and indiscriminately show the world the power of our unity by commemorating the tenth Republic Day of Nepal. Nepal has always gradually risen from the sandy dust left behind by our previous disasters and with even greater unity, we proceed to make the future better for the nation in the coming days.

Republic Day helps us remember the major step we as the citizens of a sovereign nation took towards getting our right to freedom by overthrowing the dictatorship of the Shah monarchy. Hence, Nepalese all over celebrate this day with utmost honor and joy. And just like past years, Google this time around has again managed to become a part of this worldwide celebration by giving Nepalese people a doodle with their nation's flag on it when they open its official website. Beyond doubt, it means a lot to us as we are the citizens of this beautiful nation which we call Nepal and so we thank Google from the bottom of our hearts for making this day a relevant one for Nepalese all over the world.

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